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Mate city bike wow!

Today received our Mate City bike. Fantastic bike with overall great quality. Sooooo much fun and easy to ride without electric assist. Then put the power on and WOW !!!! What a fab piece of kit this is. Can even fit in my Mini Cooper. Folds easily. Jarred at the Eco Bike Co. was just great and full of advice. Sourced lights for me even from a different company. Ordered on Tuesday and arrived Thursday Morning. Thank you very much. Can’t wait to get fit now.

Great bike & value for money.

My initial view on the Econic MTB is the bike looks great and after a couple of rides it has proved it has very good performance. It is also great value for money in comparison to other electric MTB in the same class. I will continue to evaluate this bike over the next 12 months.

Econic one step through bike

The bike was purchased for my wife. She has been out on it a couple of times and finds it very easy to ride. It feels quite heavy which is entirely down to the battery but it is still really effortless to use. One thing to be wary of is my wife is 5’2” tall and she needs the seat as low as it can possibly go. The battery efficiency looks to be very good, she has ridden the bike for approximately 2 1/2 hours mainly between levels 0-2 and it still says the distance remaining is 75km.

Versatility and quality

One of the most versatile ebikes on the market: good quality, good component, folding, full suspension, gears, usb connection, removable battery, hydraulic brakes, good geometry... what else?! Perhaps just some accessories, like kickstand and a simple bike computer to use without phone. Very satisfied overall


Ordered this bike after a lot of research. Arrived really quickly and is extremely well built. Can't fault it. Riding it is fantastic. I just love, love, love it.

Excellent light electric bike

I was delighted to receive my E-Go folding bike. It was delivered quickly and was easily assembled. It looks very smart in its red livery and I have taken it out for a short test drive. The pedal assist is very effective up the steep hill near my house but it was also fine to ride “ normally “ . I suspect that, like others, I might find the saddle hard but it was perfectly ok on a short trip. Thanks to Eco Bike for their first rate service!

Wisper Wayfarer H7

Waited longer than expected but worth the wait. Bought an electric bike on line a few months ago but was not the right one for me. I have little hands and couldn't reach properly to go down a gear. Struggled to get on the bike. And the speed settings were set stupidly so I kept switching off. This is definitely the bike for me. Love it 😀 😍 ❤ ♥ 💕

Good Service

Only one wee problem the manufacturer sent the wrong tyres But eco bikes are sending me out the proper tyres.

Freedom to Explore

Now the proud owner of a E-Go Max + Electric cycle.
Have had a few issues with looking for a new cycle and initially ordering one online from China. only to be led up the garden path with false information , lack of response to Emails Etc,.Finally cancelling and starting again and after much scanning the mass of purchasing opportunities finally settled for the E-Go Bike Company.
This was a very wise choice as help gained from them was excellent and the delivery (2days) was brilliant.
The Bike itself has turned out to be first class with good design and simple operation of the controls. the bike arrived very well packaged and only needed the mudguards and rear carrier to be assembled.
With the bike ready to go having checked it and topped the battery up we were off. Wow what a delight we zoomed off effortlessly peddling and enjoyed a very comfortable ride.
I said “WE’ that includes my dog Bonnie who has this very bespoke upholstered wicker basket on the rear carrier, and is enjoying a new experience.
The bike itself has proved very well designed and the manufacture is of excellent quality. have no qualms in saying well worth the purchase.
Many thanks Jarrard of Eco bike Co.


Once I realised that I could use the gears as well as the motor , I thoroughly enjoyed my first ride out. Looking forward to drier weather when I can venture further afield

Just Wonderful

So very pleased with my bike!! Very easy to assemble......just the handlebars and the pedals. Been out on it a couple of times and it is superb and so easy to use. Only gone up to level 3 and that is fast enough!!!! I cannot believe how quiet it is too. The seat is very comfortable. Love everything about the bike.
Jarrad was extremely helpful throughout the process via chat and emails.

New lease if life with my Emu

So very happy with my new electric bike. I have arthritis badly in my knees and couldn't cycle up hills or slight slopes. So rather than give up cycling I bought this bike, I love it, I am still able to keep my knees moving but with much less pressure & pain. I love the freedom cycling gives you, especially in Lockdown. The gears are really smooth & easy to change. The handle bars are great as I've been able to raise them to a level that keeps my back straight giving less pressure on my arthritic hands. Can't praise it enough.


Love this bike I have not been on a bike in 15 years this bike is fantastic easy to assemble and a pleasure to ride

An excellent bike!

This e bike is great value. It’s superbly made and comes with almost everything you need. Very few things come as extras. The five e speeds give the bike great versatility. The service provided is excellent. From the initial enquiry through to viewing the bike and then taking delivery has all been very thorough and done in a warm and friendly way. I felt very confident that I was buying a good bike. I’m delighted with my bike!

Powabyke Westminster W100 Step Through

Great bike and service from Jarred Would recommend

Emu mini well pleased, good bike.

E-Go Lite Bike

This bike is a good little bike, the standard seat provided is a little hard of not used to riding on City Roads so I would recommend replacing with a more robust seat which is a easy DIY job with the tools provided. Perfect for my needs for the work commute and is a bonus that it folds down quickly and easily

I found the E-Bike that ticks every box needed for my daily commuting in London

The perfect e-bike which is attractive for young professional like me, affordable, adaptable, durable, easily serviceable. I bought it for the purposes of a healthier, more environmentally friendly commute and I can travel conveniently in train or bus because it is light and foldable to a compact size and weight. The excellent service of Eco Bike Co. and the whole team is highly recommended and cannot be easily compared. i got prompt response and action for any small or big issue of the bike. Eco Bike Co. facilitated me very well with the process of the cycle to scheme of the government. Thumbs up and indeed very pleased.

Excellent bike - powerful, adjustable & comfortable

I'm so pleased with the Popal. I had three worries before it came - size, comfort and pulling power.
Size - it is great! Both the seatpost and the handlebars adjust up and down so that it fits me perfectly (I am 5ft 2 inches) and my husband who is 5ft 10 can ride it, too. Height from floor to top of the saddle had been an issue for me so I emailed Jarred to ask about this before I ordered it. He was super helpful and answered all of my questions in detail. I knew before it came that it ought to fit but it was still a relief to try it out. Perfect.
Comfort - I felt nervous because I have osteoporosis and had ridden another ebike with no suspension and felt every bone in my body jolt over the uneven road surfaces. In addition, the other ebike had fat tyres so theoretically the Popal should have been worse but I comforted myself with the thought that I could get a suspension seatpost for it. But no, I don't need one! What a surprise! I set off carefully on my first test ride and couldn't believe it. I hardly felt the jolts. Perhaps it was because the other bike was heavier. I don't know but I am very happy with the Popal. I have fitted another saddle but miraculously don't need a suspension seatpost. I ride the bike nearly every day over streets full of potholes. I try to avoid them but when it's not possible, it doesn't matter. I sail across smiling.
Pulling Power - The Popal performed magnificently. This was crucial. I live half way up a long, steep hill. I'm 72 and until recently, had not cycled since I was 11. This bike has no throttle so I was a little nervous - but I needn't have worried.  Today when I cycled home I came up the hill in pedal assist 4 and gear 3! (There are 5 levels of pedal assist so I had one in reserve and I had another two gears lower that I could have used.) Unbelievable.
In addition to all that, this bike looks beautiful (much better than in the pic on the website) and it has an absolutely excellent warranty. It folds too. It's easy to fold but doesn't hang together when folded so I'll have to look for some bungee ropes for it. It has a very good range - another thing that mattered to me because I plan to go further and further afield. Last but not least - in fact probably best of all - is the communication and support that Jarred and the Ecobike Company provide. Nothing is too much trouble and you get excellent value. So glad I found this place.

Happey Ian

Very pleased.Problem with first bike.but second bike was with me in 2days, Eco Bike Co.Were Brilliant,thankyou.

Better than I imagined

I would recommend

Eco Bike Company

Prompt service. Exceptional customer service. Highly recommendable. Thanks and kind regards Michael

Banging bike

This is beyond anything I’ve rides before lol. Easy pedalling, love all the added accessories, delivered in good time, east set up and too fun to ride.

Ego Max +

This is my first electric bike, and I have only ridden a mid drive hire bike and Japan prior to this. I bought this bike as I have arthritis and would like to improve my activity level.

Out of the box
The bike was well packaged, the only things that needed attaching with the supplied tools was the bike pannier (not included), mud guards, lights and bell. Tires came inflated but only enough to hold it shape. don't do what I did and cycle on them with out inflating as it was very difficult to turn and hard to pedal. The panier was very fiddly to install, especially as one of the predrilled holes on the frame was not predrilled properly which meant that after many tries and scratches of the paint and contacting ECO Bike co (Jared was really helpful) I found out that there was a bad batch of bikes with 1 hole predrilled incorrectly. Jared told me a workaround. Warning it's a big bike! check the dimensions before ordering. It seems even bigger when it is folded!! It does fit into my little red VW polo on its side with the seats down. I did get a flat front tire within the first few cycles. It is very difficult to find replacement inner tubes for these so when you find some and at a good price order them. I also recommending putting puncture resistance green slime in the tires. Get Halfords to to do it for you for £10 per tire it is really worth it.

The bike is heavy, I am starting to hear a few squeaks and creaks after 300km cycling, I think a few things just needed tightening up. I am 120kg (on a good day) and I managed to do 73km on a single charge and there was still some juice left even though the battery showed empty. This was with conservative cycling, 0 assistance on the flats and seldom using the level 5 assist, average speed 17km/h. I do recommend getting a panier, although the paint on the one sold with the bike is wafer thin and is already showing scratches after a few weeks of cycling. The paint on the bike is holding up well.

EGO website and information.
The information on the bike is very limited. EGO came from a family bikes that are pretty much identical, but just altered to match the local laws. To find more information and in-depth reviews from EBR and other youtube vids you can search the Qualisport Beluga and French version Eovolt (No fat tire version yet) for more information. For more info on the digital display search KT-LCD5 which will tell you the menu options etc.

I bought a Quadlock smart phone mount, Topeak expanding pannier and a Abus Bordo Granit X Folding lock. With bike locks, you will need to get one big enough to go round the fat tires and the frame. The lock I have purchased can only go round the the frame, or the rear tire, it is worth buying an extra long d lock or chain, but make sure its a Sold Secure Gold - The one shown on the EGO bike is definitely not on the Sold secure website list "yet" , The brand is called E Took - ET 480.

I love the bike, I love the fact that I am more active now and having improved blood circulation and once you start riding, you do not want to stop. If I did it again I may have gone for the EGO max with the thinner tires I would definitely buy the mud guards again though. Panier: maybe go for an after market one.

ECO Bike - Jared was always super fast to respond to all my questions, even at the weekends as well.

Why 4 stars and not 5
It wasn't perfect. The defect with the predrilled hole which meant the panier rack not installed as it was designed. If that went without a hitch I would have given 5 stars as it is a fun bike to ride.

E go bike lite plus

Great folding bike, easy to use, good speed when pedalling, folds well and great customer service. Would definitely recommend, already have and my colleague as also purchased one.