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Emu Evo Step Through

Great bike, lightweight and easy to set up and ride. The controls are super easy to use and I've so far only had to use level 1 assist as it gives a super boost. It could maybe do with a few higher gears, but really not a problem. Definitely would recommend it.

Very Very cool

This is a very cool bike, pretty easy to build, with a good range. People will look at you and/or ask you what is it that you are driving.
I am 90kg, the range of the bike with the 0 assistance is 20km+ if fairly flat. The bike is heavy, but it does add a sense of security.
Make sure that you can keep it somewhere safe at night.

The Eskuta is not like any other Ebike.

So i have had my Eskuta now for a month and done 250 miles on it.

With all moped features including security alarm, immobiliser, indicator lights, suspension & Seats. It is literally like riding a moped without the issue of insurance etc.

I would thoroughly recommend this bike. Riding is an enjoyable, safe and relaxing experience.

Hiplok DX D Lock
Leslie Fox
Lock tite

Nice looking bike lock. Very secure. A little too short for a fat tyred bike.

Great bike at a fab price

After lots of research I bought the Emu step through Classic from
The Eco Bike Company. This e bike is perfect for me, a leisure rider that needs a little boost to get up steep hills. It's easy to ride without peddle assist and the delivery was quick. All as described on the website so well done!


I bought this bike having spoken to Ecobike and discussed a number of other bikes they had on sale plus another I had test rode at a local bike shop. The bike I actually bought was an ex demo model they had for sale hence it arrived, delivered by a specialist courier, already assembled with a fully charged battery and ready to ride. Following a follow up call I’ve also be provided with a full instruction manual. The bike looks great close up, the saddle is very comfortable and having completed 3 rides I’m very pleased with the battery life, after about 80km and only using the assist on occasions during the rides it still has 80% left. The display is easy to see and there are numerous options to change the settings to suit ones individual needs, the default settings suit me just fine though. The only one small negative, which doesn’t warranted knocking a star off the rating, is the bell is a bit rubbish so I might buy a new one. Overall I’m very happy with the bike and the service provided by Ecobike, hope this is useful and be safe on the road.

Emu Electric Bike

Absolutely love my new bike! It’s smooth to ride and looks fab too! Great colour too!

Great bike

Purchased this for my husband who recently had surgery on his knee and was struggling using a manual bike. He’s delighted with it. Struggled a bit with assembly as instructions were a little vague but overall it’s a great bike.

A good all round bike.

I waited until I had done about 150 miles before writing this review. I purchased the 16amp version with a throttle and the basic display. I already had a Cateye trip computer at home ready to fit.
I chose to assemble the bike myself. It's a large bike but I am 5 ft 9 inch and it's ok for me. Assemble was fairly straightforward but I did have 2 small problems..
1) The battery would not lock to the frame. The lock bolt would not go into the hole in the plastic mounting plate. Opening up the hole slightly with a knife allowed the bolt to lock into the plate easy. A simple easy fix.
2) The front mudguard seems slightly too small for the tyre. The mudguard wire supports are only 1-2mm from the tyre. Trying to align the mudguard Sivas not to catch the tyre was very fiddly.
Overall the bike is very well built. The front light works well and the rear rack is very useful.
This is my second electric bike. I wanted something with longer range and as I am 58, have lung problems and live on top of a steep hill I wanted something that was not too heavy and good on hills. The area I live in is a mixture of flat ground and short but very steep hills. This bike climbs the hills very well and is even light enough for me to use on the flat without power if I choose. Just tried it as an experiment. So far the longest run I have done was 35 miles on hilly terrain on a windy day. I used mostly power setting 3 of 5 and gears 5 and 6. Higher power and lower gears on the steeper hills. After my 35 mile ride I still had about 50% of the battery left. Very impressed.
In summary I am very happy with this bike. It is well built, good on hills and has a good range.
Ecobike were excellent to deal with and I would happily recommend both the company and the Ampere Tourer.

Byocycles Richmond folding ebike

Lovely bike. Unfortunately came with the wrong charger and the paintwork chipped. The charger was sorted but I'm still waiting for the promised paint chip repair paint.

Good value for money.

I bought this bike in 2020 for local work trips since it is very hilly around here. The bike performs well even on steep hills. For longer rides I bought a spare battery.

I have made minor adjustments - rotating the handlebars to make them lower, changing the saddle and adding a flap to the front mudguard to protect the bottom bracket and my feet. I ride with the seat tube fully extended and it is a bit too flexible in this position - it would benefit from having a longer seat tube.

Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock

Eskuta Tech Bar
Gelu Luta
Absolutely happy with my new Escuta!

I am absolutely happy with this purchase! Bike is looking fabulous and is a pleasure to ride it!

Great scooter

I brought this scooter for a Christmas present 🎁 and we have not been disappointed.. fantastic scooter.

Great powerful bike

Having so much fun riding in the canal nearby. Going with a mountain bike was the right call. This bike is performing great and is packed with quality parts.

Superb staff, excellent bike

Advice was prompt and insightful, delivery far quicker than expected, the bike is amazing.

Great lightweight bike⁷

Great bike, easy to ride single speed. No complicated gears. Great if you're back to biking later in life

Fantastic bike

I’m so happy with my bike even though I have not rode it yet as recovering from knee operation my partner as tested it and he was in-press and said lovely to ride and comfortable seat and would like one so lm saving up to get him one now l recommend the emu bike100% to anyone looking for an electric bike

Emu Classic

Bought the step through as it is easy to mount and dismount.Motor is very good and the rear hub is fantastic ,glad I chose it.It is easy to pedal without using the assist mode.Happy days.

Impressive wee bike

Pritty impressive ebike for what it is!I have a specialized levo comp ebike for down hill cycling so I know a bit about them.
This is a great wee bike for city commuting, shopping, visiting relatives you can take this bike anywhere.
Of course I did try out it limits 😜 I got 30.8 miles an hour on a smooth road going down hill so it's a pretty sturdy bike, but didn't manage going up a 20 degree hill , which I didn't really expect it would,a slow long climb up hill no problems.
Really comfy ride, unless your going over rough ground fast then understandably it's bumpy.
Chuffed with my free bike rack thanks 👍 makes shopping so much easier 😊
I had the bike on setting 5 most of the time and I got 15miles, the battery still had a wee bit to go.
This wee bike is a treat.
I love it 💖

Great bikes

Easy to get online. Very helpful and patient with all the questions asked. Quick delivery . Well packed and easy to assemble with good instructions. Haven’t been out on a long ride yet due to the weather and being away but the short ride I did was great. I am looking forward to some great rides.

Electric bike

Great service ,easy to deal with , bike came white glove delivery the chap was very helpful . Would recommend


Delivered promptly. Does what it says easily

Brilliant ebike

I love this bike..thought long & hard but wish I'd got it year or so sooner's a life changer...the service is the best I've ever encountered , & response to any question is almost instant Bike delivered 2 days after ordered..fully built as requested no extra charge...I'm just short of 71yrs & not tech saffy so I've asked lots of questions...all answered quickly & really felt it was not to much trouble..I live in a hilly area in Dorset & the pedal assist is just amazing & makes it a joy to get up those hills with ease .
Thank you to the team for making my life so much easier...& I really mean it ..

Ampere x trail wow

Wow what a bike the Ampere x trail It's a beautiful, wish I had purchased one sooner. It is of quality build and comes with all the extras of lights. I bought the 13ah battery and it does plenty of miles for the commute to work. The extra boost up hills with the electric assistance is amazing. So if you are thinking of adding the throttle in my opinion is not needed. You can bearly hear the motor and the gears are very smooth between transition. A lovely upright position when riding and the saddle is the best I have come across without pain. I would definitely buy this bike again if I had to. Ecobike had brilliant customer service and the bike delivery turn around was just two days! Very well informed on the delivery times and updates and the gentleman who had delivered my bike was friendly and helpful. So all round very pleased and glad I purchased this from Ecobike.