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No Post Purchase Dissonance here...

Well, maybe a little, because it's a shame this useful security device has to be retro fitted rather than being part of the original spec. (it's also a pity to have the original seat post clamp sat around with nothing to do). That said, the extra peace of mind that comes with having the battery locked in place justifies the relatively small expense. The locking clamp is well made and looks to be of similar high quality and finish to the original. It's simple to fit and has the same tenacious grip.

Great Experience

First 50km done and have been enjoying riding the e-go lite+. Great for cruising and also handles hills well. Quality seems good and bike arrived pretty much ready to go. Only bad point is that the rear light isn't working on arrival, as its only a battery operated one It can be cheaply replaced.

Love it!

I've had this bike for a little while now and feel I have had good opportunity to test it out. I used to walk everywhere. My commute is not far but I rack up between 5-10 miles a day just going between school, nursery and work and was struggling to make it everywhere on time, even when jogging. I'm amazed by the difference this bike has made to my life, by how fast I can zip around the city! Also how enjoyable it is. I have a Bobike toddler seat on the back, it fits well and feels secure. My toddler loves the nursery run now and riding on 'our bike'. Having hardly been on a bike in the last 20 years, I was a bit wobbly at first, particularly with the extra weight of the toddler seat, and I felt the bike was too big for me at just under 5ft 3. It is a very big looking bike and is heavy (which is something to keep in mind if you have to try and carry it upstairs). Now though, my confidence has increased and I find it comfortable to ride so am glad I didn't go for a smaller version. The hills are a breeze, the electric pedal assist is fantastic and bike operation is incredibly straightforward. Eco Bike Co were great to deal with, I had a couple of small issues but they replied quickly and offered helpful solutions.

Super Fun

The joy of getting on a bike again, reminiscent of my teenage years. Brilliant solid build, absolutely fantastic!

Lovely but needs more high gears!

This is my first venture into E Bikes and I have to say I am left very impressed. The Eco Bike co were brilliant to deal with and I was left feeling supported throughout the process.

In relation to the bike itself, it's an impressive bit of kit for the money. As a commuter bike, for me it offers the capability of my road bike and the ease of use you would expect from an E Bike.

My only negative I have is I feel it runs out of gears very quickly. I can easily pull away on the highest gear which in my opinion you shouldn't be able to do on a road style bike. This means that when you are on a flat and don't need the motor you can't go fast at all.

That said as a commuter bike and as an all round bit of kit it is very good.

Perfect folding bike

I wanted two folding ebikes so that I could take them on holiday without a roof rack. The MATE bikes are perfect. I can get them set up in five minutes and charge the removable battery in the hotel room. They're really good on tarmac or gravel roads and carry me (14st) up any hill we came across. Brilliant.

Purchased Mi Rider electric bike, very good bike, delivered in 2 days

Excellent Company, Excellent Bike

Having been let down my a very well known company (so glad now), I ordered my Roo-Dog stepover red polka dot bike from Eco Bikes and I'm so happy I did. The online order process was easy and Sasha kept me informed about delivery. The bike arrived via courier and apart from a slightly damaged rear mudguard, it was perfect (the mudguard was replaced within 24 hours, thank you). The bike itself is fabulous. We live in a very hilly area and getting up these hills is so much easier now. I still need to put in an effort but now I can cycle up them rather than have to get off and push! Halfords take note, this is how you should run your business, great products, great service and great customer care. I would recommend them to anyone, I love my spotty e-bike.

Avaris 2.3 Electric Road Bike 250W

Excellent service. Very impressed with the quality of the bike and extremely easy to complete assembly as bike arrived 99% complete.

E Go max +

This bike arrived in two days and is a cracker.
I have been very impressed with the way this Company do business.I have just returned from my first ride on it and loved it.Did a bit of roads and rough paths and a fair bit of hill climbs and it handled it well.I am a toolmaker to trade and I was impressed with the build quality.Look no further.

Great Service Great Bike

Bike delivered on time and with free gift. Very please with the MiRider!

Beyond the Max

I ‘upgraded’ to the E-go Max+ from the E-go Max I’d ordered because at the time the Max+ was readily available while the Max had become subject to a longer lead time.

The service I received from the Eco Bike Co during the purchasing process was excellent and the bike was with me just a few days after ordering. Full marks to Jarred and to Sasha for keeping me well informed throughout.

I viewed the change as a sound substitution because I’m a bit “Max+” myself, weighing in at around 104 kg; the fat tyres are said to support heavier riders well. What I didn’t understand at the time was the extent to which the 4.25” tyres and wide mudguards would add character to the bike. I love the way it looks - low-slung and somehow purposeful in its low-sheen black paint finish. However, it comes at a cost. Replacement tyres are about the same price as the average car tyre and are, as I’ve discovered, nigh on impossible to source in UK. I’ve purchased one (an Innova of similar type to those fitted as OE) along with an inner tube, against the eventuality of tyre failure; it came from Berlin. I’ve also put green slime into the tyres to offset the risk of punctures.

There’s not a great deal to do to get the bike on the road - having said that, I found assembly took longer than I expected. The most challenging part, for me, was fitting the hooped struts to the mudguards - you don’t have to be afraid to stretch the hoops apart so that they’ll accommodate the mudguard. The rear rack, which came as a promotional extra, was also a bit tricky, but this was because the one I received was severely distorted and needed to be pulled back into shape before it would go anywhere near the bike.

An essentially similar bike is marketed in the USA as the 350w “Qualisports Beluga” and the information on-line is a great help when it comes to completing assembly. I’m grateful to an earlier respondent, Mr Jason Low, for pointing the way to those and other resources.

As the owner of a “fat tyre bike” you come to realise that you’ve joined the ranks of a particular breed of cyclist - one that puts the accent on off-road. There’s a bit of science attached to working out what tyre pressures to run, but no definitive answers; pressures in these high volume tyres can be quite low and need to be managed according to rider weight and nature of terrain. My first impression of handling was of a strange combination of understeer and oversteer when cornering. I’ve gradually increased pressures to about 25 psi rear and 22 psi front and the machine has become much more stable on ordinary tarmac roads.

I’ve bought a Sold Secure Gold U-lock of sufficient size for the bike, as security is obviously a concern, although at 2 kg it’s a lot of extra weight to haul around. I’ve also fitted an audible alarm. It does concern me, though, that the battery remains potentially vulnerable if left on the bike.

I really enjoy riding the E-go Max+. As someone having less vigour now than 55 years ago, I got it - as many will - to get a bit fitter and there’s no doubt it goes places where I’d normally be getting off to push - and so increases my range. It’s surprising what a boost the motor gives and it’s a real asset on uphill stretches. It’s also interesting learning how to balance the motor with the dérailleur gears, in order to get the best blend of exercise and assistance. It’s a heavy machine - according to the manufacturer’s leaflet 28 kg - but on reasonably level ground it’s easy enough to propel without help from the motor.

I’ve not needed to fold it yet (except by way of experimentation) but I plan to take it with me when I start to go places in the Summer. If I keep up the cycling in the meantime, I should become fit enough, by then, to lift it in and out of the car.


Discovered ECO BIKE CO and the MiRIDER by chance whilst looking at options for a bike through my employers Cycle2Work scheme. I called and they provided me clear and informative help and processed my order quickly (less than 2 days between order and delivery) and without any issues. I have already recommended them and the MiRIDER to friends and family.
Having looked at many similar options this hits a sweet spot in terms of compact design, performance and suitability for a wide range of scenarios from short commute, holidays and as a spare bike that a wide range of sizes can ride easily.

Roller hybrid step through

I ordered my roller on Monday evening and it arrived on Wednesday afternoon, well packaged and super easy to put the pedals on, adjust handlebars and seat ready for use. With battery fully charged I took it out for a little spin around the block........ I Love It!
So easy to ride without the battery power too. I went out for a longer ride on Sunday and must admit had quite a few positive comments made about how the bike looked. Overall I'm very impressed so far with my roller so thank you for your recommendation and customer service received I won't hesitate to recommend you.


Wow best purchase ever. Excellent service, speedy delivery. Literally can't wait to ride it every day. Game changer, life changer. Absolutely brilliant and worth every penny.

Wife loves the bike, and so do I.

Everything about the bike suits my wife's preferences from the colour to the more upright sitting position - more of a Dutch style. I love it as well because we can now go on longer and hillier rides together (I'm on a non electric bike). We did have an initial problem with the hall sensor that detects the pedal motion, but the after-sales service was excellent - Emu arranged for a mobile mechanic to come and replace the part without any fuss. Would I buy it again? definitely, but probably would have gone for the larger battery - but that's because it's working out so well.

Wisper Wayfarer M7

Prompt delivery , but came damaged in box .one email and replacement parts were received very quickly.

Great Buy

We purchased two Mate City bikes from Eco Bike Co after discussing our needs with Jarred. He was very knowledgeable and helped us decide. We received the cycles within about 4 days. Unfortunately there was a problem with one of the pedals but a replacement was sorted out direct with Mate . The bikes come almost fully assembled ( +£100 ) which made a great difference. Super happy with purchase.

Return to cycling.

Early days. I damaged a muscle when lifting and twisting with the bike. However my short journeys were good and next week... the world.

Hesitant lady who never really rides a bike, success

My wife can count on one hand she says the number of times she has ridden a bike in her life!
I ordered an E-Go Lite+ for me first with a view to her giving it a go. She was adamant she wasn’t going to have a bike without riding one first. This is a bit difficult in the current climate. I did a lot of research before choosing the E-Go as I wanted something light enough to lift in and out of the Motorhome but big enough to be easy to ride without trying to break the bank. The Ego seemed to be the closest fit to our needs. I ordered one for me first. Assembly was straight forward enough, mudguard brackets are a bit springy and need a bit of effort to fix but it’s not hard. I gave it a quick blast around the block testing the basics like being able to ride without power assist which is important if you are out and end up with a flat battery. This was just as easy as any none powered bike so a good tick there. It handled the steepish hill we live at the top of on level 3 easy enough. My slightly hesitant wife then rode it around the block a couple of times and the smiles said it all as I watched her ride up the hill on level 3 she said and said she would like one so I ordered another one. Unfortunately bad things happen and when the second one arrived it was in a bad way, probably down to delivery mishandling. The team at Eco Bike responded to the photographs I sent and although I tried to get it sorted, it was too damaged for me to fix, another bike was sorted as a replacement. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time for our first weekend away in the Motorhome. Not a problem we had a spare adult mountain bike and with my wife riding the E-Go and me on the leg powered mountain bike, we did a 10 mile circuit from the site and my wife enjoyed it and said without the E-Go she would never consider going out on a bike certainly not over that kind of distance. She mainly only used levels 1-3 with the occasional boost to 4 on some steeper bits, about quarter of the battery life used by time we got back to site. Basically a success for getting my wife out on a bike she is happy to use and wants to use it more, thanks Eco and E-Go. Looking forward to being able to keep up with her a bit easier on my own E-Go on next trip :-)
The one downside is that the LCD display refuses to change from kph to mph despite following various instructions both supplied with the bike and via the online chat with Eco. The second bike has the same problem so I suspect it is not actually possible to change. It’s more of an irritant than being anything terminal, otherwise happy so far with the bike and looking forward to getting many more miles on it, or should that be kilometres :-)

Seat Post Lock
Andrew Smith
Useful security and peace of mind

These locks secure the seat post (which contains the battery) so is a very good idea to aid security and replaces the quick release lever the bikes come with. They are easy to use. I’ve given it four stars instead of five, only because the bikes could come with these from new.

Legend Bike

We had to wait awhile for our bikes to arrive but when they did we were delighted with them.
Eco Bikes kept us informed of the delay and were great. Recommend buying any bike via them.

Dotty bike

I LOVE this bike. Makes cycling a dream. No longer dread the Glasgow hills. Service was very efficient and it was easy to assemble. I would definitely recommend Roo Dog for an e bike.

Great bikes make cycling a delight from a first class company.

Brilliant customer service here's an online company that goes the extra mile. I dealt with both Jarred and Sasha and they handled any queries promptly and efficiently. We now have two Ampere touring bikes with the 16 AH batteries and covered 30 miles and still registered 50% capacity so well satisfied. The best, being able to cycle with my children again.

Great bike, vg vfm

Impressed with bike. Well made and a joy to ride. Prompt and courteous delivery