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Ampere Deluxe Step Through Electric Bike 250w

Great Bike

Great bike for the money why pay double for a name"

Love it

I love this bike but then again im easy to please. I think most people would be happy with this bike. I can’t say anything wrong with it so I gave it 5 stars.

Panier bags

Spacious carrying for my bike strong and easy to use

First Venture

My first Venture into e bikes, was with the Westhill Venture Hybrid e bike through the ecobike company.
Ecobike where really patient and very helpful, taking my needs into account and suggesting a number of bikes suitable for my requirements. I chose the Westhill Venture. It arrived when ecobike said it would and was straightforward to assemble. Lining the disc brakes up in the callipers was the biggest challenge but got there in the end. The battery charged quicker than expected.
So far the bikes ridden well and the change to electric has encouraged me to cycle more often as it helps flatten the many hills around where I live
Really pleased with both the bike and the buying experience.

Great fold up bike

Was really impressed by the service and got my bike the next day was told it did not come built but thankfully it came built with rear rack and mud guards on it.
Battery is great on the Max and the 14ah is a big help for the hills and terrific range, I did not find the lack of documentation an issue as all the instructions are on the e-go website.

Superb - Communication & Expert packaging & Delivery of Eco Deluxe Tourer

The Reviews & Ease of communication with Sasha...(Attempting to decide which frame & size to go for), & asking other cycle boffins...were Big factors on making the decision...Having Not purchased a cycle for 25 yrs!!! My trusty californian mtn steed had performed fabulously....& having hired an *E* steed for a day to cover intense W.coast Highland terrain in 2019....I was impressed & Figured My next steed would be an *E*...enabling increased & comfortable distances in N.Wales terrain.
& I was Smitten with the fabulous kingfisher blue of the hybrid...However I eventually Plumpt for the deluxe tourer as liked the sleek fit of the integrated battery!!!

The cycle was delivered to a friend, who assembled with ease & Very impressed with packaging Etc & Cycle. He whizzed off & put thru paces...steep hill on doorstep!!¡¡ Bluey performed Superby. She had quite the the cycle scene, has increased massively in the last few years....
I've whizzed around on her locally....on Sunny days.
Lookin forward to plenty of wonderful whizzes & way more distances covered.
Thank-U Sasha & Eco Tribe....A Very Happy Mtn & beach whizz bunny in Snowdonia 🌄🚲🌅🚲

Ampere Throttle
john conaty
Ampere throttle

A great tool and aide when needed

Ampere Mode

Bike took much longer to arrive than stated on website. (Two and a half weeks instead of 5-7 days). Had to chase up with several phone calls kept getting promised it will be sent in the next day or so. Then eventually had an email to say it had been dispatched and within 3 hours it arrived. Just as well I was at home as this was very little notice - not the 24hrs I was told I would get. On opening the box I found the bike had several scratches and chips, some of which had already been painted with touch up paint and others just left. I was then offered a reduction in the purchase price and promised some more paint to complete the touch ups. The paint has yet to arrive.
Overall the Bike is what I wanted shame about the time it took to get to me and its condtion when it arrived. Custmer service could be better. Shouldn't mislead with the expected dispatch date.

Litelok® One
Stephen Wigley
Excellent ride

Having purchased the Litelok cycle l have found it to be a great ride. Every part of the bike is well made and put together perfectly. I would recommend this cycle to all.

Ampere Tourer-S Hybrid Step Through Electric Bike 250W

At 5'2" I was looking for a Hybrid e-bike that was not too big. not too heavy and that didn't come with a massive price tag. I came across Eco-bike and the Ampere, which I had never heard of before. I had recently used a Raleigh Motus, which I liked, but was looking for something cheaper. Eco-bike were very helpful and responsive, with good reviews and eventually I bought the bike. A month on I am very happy with the bike. The battery seems to last well, the power is great, gears work well. The throttle is probably an unnecessary addition as the bike has plenty of power already. To fit it would require removing the handlebar grips, which isn't easy, but also there is little space on the bars. Would have liked to fit the bell but handlebars are too thick (and not much space). These are minor mentions. The integral front light is good. Assembly was straightforward. All in all it seems like a great bike that makes hills a doddle.

I've not been very well since the bike arrived so it's still in the box. I'll get back to you in the New Year

Ampere Folding Bike

Really happy with the condition the bike came in, it had 600m on the clock which was fantastic. The bike seems very sturdy and all the accessories that came attached are great, and I am really happy with the bike.

However, the bike is not designed to be portable. When initially bought I planned to carry on and off public transport where needed. Unfortunately there is no way of smartly folding the bike up. Ampere have failed include locking mechanisms to keep the bike still when folded, making carrying it quite awkward. Also, the 60km range is a very optimistic distance. I found it died after 40km even though I put in a lot of effort! I do a lot of cycling anyway and was planning to use this on alternate days to stop me driving when I tired. If you plan to go on ride longer than 20miles, this is not the bike for you. In saying this, my girlfriend loves using it to coast around town while I use my push bike, something she's never enjoyed doing before. So, if you just want a bike for short rides and something that folds into a car, this might be just what you are looking for.

Delivery a little problematic but very impressed with bike

It's been a little complicated getting the bike on the road as the frame was delivered without the battery and charger. However, these were supplied very quickly on raising the issue with a little free gift in the way of an apology. The next problem was registration of the bike on the app as the card with the required information was also missing. This took a little longer to resolve and required my husband to do some disassembly as the key information was in a somewhat inaccessible place. Next, the curve in the frame meant that I couldn't put the seat as low as it needed to be, and we actually had to saw off a bit of seat tube so I could get on it. As a result, I've only just ridden it around the block so far but it's so much better than the 10-year old Giant Twist it is replacing (which I loved btw) that I am blown away (hopefully not literally, we do get some fierce winds around here). I feel I could tackle some really steep slopes on this. Not yet sure about how well the integrated front light will cope on unlit roads on my winter commute.

Ampere Throttle
Rebecca Stevenson
Awesome bike

Love love this couldn’t be happier

Despite teething troubles and some quality problems, a genuinely good bike.

I bought my Ampere Tourer Crossbar through the cycle scheme and it arrived promptly and with no fuss at all from Eco Bike Company.

The bike is around 85% complete and requires some building once out of the box. At this time I took the opportunity to give it a good once over and check it. it was at this point I found two rounded off bolts, one on the brake fluid reservoir and one on the front brake caliper mount.
I contacted Eco Bikes and they were excellent and quick to apologise and send some replacements. Because of this I went through the rest of the bike and other than some bolts that were looser than I'd of liked all seemed well. The frame finish and quality is good and the paint high quality. The brakes however were extremely spongy and poorly bled. Despite this being an issue from the factory Eco Bikes were again excellent and quick to offer payment of the cost of the bleed kit I purchased to rectify. I must have bled the rear brakes around 10 times and still they had no feel and too much travel in the lever, out of frustration I stripped the caliper and found the rear pads to be in an horrendous condition with only around 1mm of friction material left on one of the pads. I worked out the lack of material was causing excessive travel of the pads in the caliper and lever. Shocked by this I contact Eco Bike and they once again were quick to explain and apologise as well as send out some new pads. They explained that the bikes arrive boxed and direct from Ampere and they don't do anything with them so issue is with the factory/manufacturer - EB explained they would feedback to their suppliers and the manufacturer.

So, the bike itself? well its very good, perhaps a little under geared but as a commuter, quick, effortless, comfortable and very nice to use, cruising at high speed with no complaint.

I went for the LCD display and have had configuration issues with it. Its a bit cheapo looking and personally I wouldn't option this again. I also got the throttle as it was thrown in for free - again, its a little bit of a pain to fit and the bike is so torquey its hardly needed so I wouldn't bother with this as an option if I was buy again.
The battery range is excellent (I went for the larger battery) as is the performance and overall smoothness of the drivetrain. The geometry is perfect for me and it handles well and feels solid at speed. The weight of it is excellent for such a bike and I'm sure this contributes to that excellent performance but of course its far from the lightest of 2 wheeled machines.

One final gripe i have is the rear light - Its nicely integrated but not very bright and doesn't run off the main bike's battery. Seems a bit lazy not to wire it in when they have with the front. Most E-bikes offer both lights running from the bike's battery, but I guess its really not the end of the world.

Overall, and now I've overcome my initial issues (I'm hoping mine was an isolated case) its a fantastic bit of kit. That said, when I come to buy another one, will I go with Ampere? Well, that I'm not sure about given the issues I've had but those aside it really is hard to fault.
Its also hard to fault Eco Bike Company who have been excellent and supportive through out my whinging to them. So whilst unsure about my bike choice next time round, I will certainly be using EBC again - they have my full recommendation.

E-Go Thumb Throttle
Simon Rosselli
E-Go Thumb Throttle

Would recommend this especially on a standing start on a hill as it is quite a heavy bike and takes a few revolutions before the Peddle assist kicks in

Good. Battery life could be better

I've left this review for a a couple of weeks as wanted to see what the bike is like. Overall very happy. Bike is great, not too heavy and rides really well. The only downside is battery life. I bought this bike for 25 minute journeys to avoid a car and it's great for that. About an hour's riding on levels 4 and 5 and the battery needs recharging.

MiRIDER Off-Road Tyre Upgrade

Silver cyclist.

At 75 I decided that I needed more exercise. Not having cycled for over 50 years I wondered if this was the right thing to do. No problems, you never forget. The bike is brilliant and so well made.

MiRider rear rack

Very easy and quick fit. Ideally suited to MIK quick release carrier system.

Nippy Tourer

Bike arrived speedily
Assembled in an hour ( seat fiddly with on pair of hands)
Rides great, fairly zips along on battery power.
So far excellent

Venture Electric Bike

Slight delay in waiting for arrival, but was kept informed at all times by customer service. Bike required minor assembly, which was very simple.
The bike itself is comfortable and does everything that was expected of it.
Can highly recommend this company not only for the products but also their excellent communication.

Loving My MIRider

Perfect for my commute requirements, plus it’s loads of fun to ride. The design goes down well with everyone too.

E-Go Rear Rack

Lovely sturdy rear rack which definitely complements the bike. Very useful and think it's a must have if ur getting ego bike.