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My Trike Heal Middle

I am enjoying finding out about my new trike. It is a different experience from riding a bicycle but I am getting more used to it every day. I can get lots of shopping in the basket on the back. I downloaded the manual for the trike but didn't find it very useful. I am glad I made the purchase.

review of Livall BH51T

Very Happy with this and the clear lighting and signaling it gives.

Hiplok Review

Substantial Chain and lock. A little heavy but worth it for the protection given

Great service

I purchased the Buffalo from Big Game bikes with the cycle to work scheme. Great service and information. Every email I sent was responded to almost immediately which was very reassuring. Once I had submitted the C2W form, the purchase was completed within a couple of hours and I received the bike within a week, with free delivery. Great service and if / when I purchase another, I will certainly be looking here first.

Great for casual riders!

I bought this bike to replace a non-electric one as I cycle to work. I'm not a particularly experienced cyclist and only bought the 7Ah battery.

Pros- It goes really well up super steep hills and the battery lasts me a week on full charge. The electric blue is very nice and it was easy to adjust when delivered- however the alan key provided is made of really soft cheap metal and stripped instantly (I had to borrow a black alan key from a neighbour), the handlebar bolts were screwed on really tight! This model has disc brakes which was the main reason I chose this one compared to the others from EMU. It's 18.5kg which is really not too bad, I can easily carry it up and down stairs, the crossbar makes it easy to carry/lock up. The display is really useful and the fact that I can charge my phone on it is really cool!

Cons - the bike seat is so incredibly uncomfortable and gave me a trapped nerve (swapped it for my old one), you cant remove the battery on this model so charging must be done near a charge point/socket. For a beginner, the gears are super confusing (but I'll get there!).

In regards to EcoBike Company- they were so helpful and answered all the questions I had. I bought this through the cycle to work scheme and it was super easy, thanks to Katie for answering my emails quickly! I highly recommend this company. The bike arrived in the estimated time stated on the product listing.

Don't Know Yet

I've heard great things about this bike but haven't had a chance to try it yet. The assembly is much more difficult than I had been led to believe (it's my first time building a bike, but I did let them know that), and it's been really hard to get any support from EcoBike to help me.

Juicy Bike Roller Hybrid Step Through

I found every one at eco bike very helpful

A Revelation

Never having owned or ridden an electric bike before, I couldn’t believe how easy to ride and how powerful the assist on this bike is - my wife says it makes her feel a lot fitter than she really is! The gears are effortless and the ride is very smooth. We can definitely recommend the Emu Classic and are looking forward to longer rides once the weather improves.

Very pleased following a number of initial rides

Delivery from EcoBike efficient and fairly rapid, given it was over a holiday period. Packaging very secure, and assembly reasonably easy; only slight problem I had was attachement of the throttle since no instructions were provided; but resolved by good communication from Eco Bike.
Now done a couple of local rides and Very pleased with this Ampere Deluxe step through ebike. Easy to control degree of electric assistance, lights connected to battery which is an advantage and of course standard bike gearing.
This Ampere is not as heavy as some other ebikes with similar range.


Good service, good bike ,, one happy customer

A great bike from a great retailer

Ezego ebike is an excellent value for money and provides a very professional service even when dealing with special requests, well done!

Very happy with our choices!

My partner and I got bikes 3 months ago (Ampere Deluxe & Legend Etna Folding) and we're happy to report that we've been so delighted with design, build quality and performance. We got the higher spec batteries as it's pretty hilly around Bath where we live, and there are so many cycle routes to explore! We had a few issues with delivery and assembly, but all were dealt with swiftly to our complete satisfaction. The foldable Legend mountain bike is great for journeys on the train, without the need to book a bike space. We would recommend Beeline Velo2 navigation and Halfords high-powered lights for off road cycling.

Good bike

It said it came with a mobile phone mount this was not the case unfortunately.

Good about town/short distance bike

Lovely looking bike folds easily and can push along using handle bars. It’s heavier than expected but still portable. It’s quite a hard ride and because the battery is in the seat post this can’t be changed by changing for a suspension post.The motor is quite noisy compared to my emu bike. There are NO instructions on putting this bike together which is a major problem for people like me who have no clue about this kind of thing. It will be fine for about town which is what I’ve bought it for.

E movement panther

The only down side to this bike is the battery, I don’t really feel like it gives a correct reading as it’s constantly going up or down and never constant. I have however only rode it 50 miles so I’m not sure if it needs to be charged a few more times

Synch Super Monkey

Great bike super build quality. Love it. Would highly recommend one.

Love it!!!

Fantastic bike, makes my commute a doddle. Eco bike company a pleasure to deal with, delivery was extremely fast 😁

Great jacket

Surprising warm and very well made only thing I would recommend when buying this jacket is go up a size im a large and ordered a large it’s a nice close fit but alittle tight around the neck, but still a amazing product

Absolutely love these

I’m a large in trousers so ordered a large in these fitting is spot on very well made, waterproof and for waterproofs they are surprisingly warm aswell would highly recommend

two faults already error code and now display blank

do not buy this bike faults with bike after two weeks will not refund my money bike is rubbish

A proper ebike - that folds!

Well made, quality components, impressive battery performance, lovely colour and nice to ride with the rear hub motor and 20" wheels. There are ebikes which fold smaller but that isn't an issue for me. I would have been happy with function over form - with the Ezego Fold I got both. Not had it long but very happy so far.

Excellent quality kit

This bike is so easy to ride that it has replaced my car for all trips less than 50 miles!
The combination of gears and motor was enough for Cornish hills even with a gale force wind blowing towards me!
The throttle feature is super helpful for traffic lights and hill starts too!
It has held up even on muddy roads, questionable bridleways, and city centres during stormy conditions when I've been caught out unexpectedly!
Overall, an honestly brilliant piece of kit!

Power to spare

First ride on the Wisper. A turn of the power and off we go. Lots of admiring looks( at the bike ) and complimentary remarks . Thanks

Batribike ZETA

For Batribike: I wanted a low tech but well built e bike (ie v-brakes, external battery, rear hub motor) and the zeta delivers this with high quality components. I am very pleased with the bike.

For ECO BIKE: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find another courier company, the box arrived badly damaged and took 2 days. I had to straighten out the rear mudguard stays due damage in transit.

Great bike for commuting

This is a great bike for commuting. You can put it on a train and cycle easily to work. You can also put it in the back of a car or taxi if you get stuck. I use the bike on the train and then cycle up to work. It’s really efficient and the battery life is good. It also is easy to store when folded down. The only issue is that it needs a lot of servicing as it’s got delicate features. I took it to a local bike repair shop for a tyre puncture and they said I couldn’t leave it over night as the battery is not certified yet. Other than that - it’s been fabulous!