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You can't go wrong

I have held off my review of the ampere tourer,black, for 9 months. I feel I can now write one. Bike arrived, built, and out in half an hour. Absolutely great, except back brake didn't stop me but squeeled loudly. Contacted eco,and they sent me a bleed kit. Still no brake. contacted eco, they said go to a bike shop at their cost. Bike shop confirmed I had bled correctly but they did it again. No difference. Still no I gave up and have ridden 2,000 miles with no back brake. A few weeks
ago I decided to sort it by buying a Shimano 160mm rear rotar and new brakes pads. Fitted myself and sorted.(I also changed pads on the front.) I did ask ecobikecompany if I could upgrade to a 180mm rotar and while asking they remembered me and my problems with the rear brake system. They kindly offered to pay for the back rotar and back pads. Absolutely brilliant customer service from Sasha and jarred. As for the bike. 2,100 miles and still loving the bike. You can go out when you want, how far you want, ( 16ah will go 75 miles in power 1 and 2) 40 miles on full power, 5, the whole ride. I did buy another battery, 19.2ah from elsewhere and get even further. If ridings hard I use the required power. Well that's why we purchased an electric bike isn't it? Our legs are still moving.!!! Anyway, bike is fabulous, sturdy and looks nice. It really does make you feel like you want to get out every day exploring new places. I have literally ran out of places to go within a 25 mile radius. !! (Remember you have to get back) so bike, perfect, price excellent customer service, above and beyond. You wouldn't get this anywhere else. So don't think about it, just do it I have told so many people that . Don't think. Just buy. I'll guarantee you won't regret it. One more thing. If you upgrade to a LCD screen you may not have the correct settings. I'm more than happy to help with those settings. I have informed ecobikecompany of this. So happy riding guys.

Ampere Tourer Crossbar with 16Ah battery

I will leave a more technical review for the bike on Ampere's site via Trustpilot but the condensed version is that the bike, which is my first ebike, and service from the Ecobike Company is excellent!

I was a little concerned that the 19" frame would be too big, but the ladies at Ecobike who were very friendly on the phone, assured me it would be ok for me and my intended use and they provided accurate advice. Bike took about a week to arrive well packaged, with easy partial assembly required. Fits me perfectly as a 5'8", 55 year old man with short 29" inside leg and long arm reach and at a weight of 13 stone 8, I managed 50.5 hilly miles over 3 rides on countryside lanes in Derbyshire on my first charge, which took me down from 4 to 1 bar of power. 4.5hrs to recharge from 1 bar to full. On this basis, I reckon the 16Ah battery will be good for up to about 60miles under these conditions at my bodyweight, with a fair amount of hills. I find myself riding in 4th gear most of the time and use the power up and down buttons more than the gears, which no doubt helps conserve the battery. Power level 0 downhill, 1 on the flat, 2 to 3 in headwinds and 4 up hills. On the very steepest local hills I drop to second gear using max power and some effort is required, but you will leave cycling partners on unpowered hybrid/mountain bikes in the dust..... You still get a pleasurable workout, and though I know mid drives and 48v motors are technically better, my conclusion after 7 rides, is that for general city riding and rides round pretty hilly country lanes (probably not very long, very steep mountain climbs) the ampere crossbar hybrid bike is an excellent bike. You cover miles surprisingly quickly and with ease and 10 to 20 mile rides as an average non-fit person become a real pleasure and you arrive home without breaking a sweat and without being exhausted for the rest of the day. Its like having bionic legs or being a fit road cyclist and the bike really flattens the hills. Starting off from traffic lights and junctions under power is a great safety bonus in my opinion, and setting off and arriving home under power feels lovely and really encourages you to get out cycling and get more excercise. If this is your first ebike purchase I strongly recommend it, and buying it through the Ecobike company. Sign up for their newsletter before purchase to get a discount code. I got the blue frame which is a lovely vibrant colour. Highly recommended!

great bike

excelent bike i got the 16 v battery but dont think you get any were near 75 miles. iv traveled 30 miles without useing the throttle and only useing 123 speeds and my battary was down to one light.but great to ride

Great bike for the price.

Love the bike.
Strong motor which helps on the hills.


My son was very happy with the lock.. looks very strong


As had been promised the bike arrived 95% assembled. I just had to fit the front wheel, seat and a few bits and that was it and after charging the battery, I was out riding my bike. Eco Bike was so quick to get my bike delivered, it arrived before I expected it. To date I have had no reason to go back to Eco Bike for anything because I am so happy with my bike and dealing with them online has been nothing but a wonderful experience. If you are looking for a bike go to Eco Bike. I am a happy customer.

Purchase a mirider folding bike

Very happy with my purchase and customer service was a pleasure to deal. Found this company cheaper than other companies with a extra bike rack as a bonus Would recommended and purchase again

Sorry it’s taking me a while to send this review, due to ill health i was only able to start using my amazing bike last weekend and what can i say, it’s my new lease of life!
Although bike is a bit on the heavy side it’s so smooth to ride, feel very stable on it plus a bonus with extra cushioning on the seat. I managed to do quite a few miles and still have battery left, just having the extra assisted push on no 3 gave all the power i needed up hill. I am so looking forward to my new adventures, planning my getaways already! A big thank you to the custom service team for answering any question and keeping me informed on delivery. I love my new bike and will have fun for many years!!

Great company always happy to help especially Sasha

Don’t hesitate to purchase from this site 5 star


So pleased with my new bike service was excellent

Ampere deluxe step through

Good communication from your sales (Jared) and bike was delivered as he promised. The bike, though a bit heavy is much liked. Recommend Ecobike.

Perfect for exercise, fitness and fun

I haven’t ridden a bike for well over thirty years but sold my car in 2020 to reduce my carbon footprint and bought an electric trike. It’s great for shopping but it only has three speed gears and is too heavy and cumbersome for general riding. I wanted a bike that would allow me to get out and just ride and I am very happy with the Ampere Tourer-S Hybrid. It isn’t actually quite a stepover, unlike my trike. I am 71 and I have to lay the bike over to mount, and I am still getting used to being back in the saddle, but I ride early every morning for about 45 minutes and it is great. I added a throttle, but I haven’t needed to use it. The gearing is good and I mostly ride with motor assistance at level 1. I ride along the loop lines in Salford and there are some quite steep climbs which the motor assistance really helps with. The saddle is quite comfortable and I am loving riding it. Looking forward to exploring all the opportunities my new bike is offering me.

MiRider One does the job

We love the MiRider bikes and are looking forward to being able to travel further afield. Eco Bike Company were very good at replacing our bikes when they were recalled by Mirider. Great service. Thanks.

It’s been great so far!

I was going back and forth about bikes for over a year and the eco bike team were helpful and patient all along the way. The bike has a good amount of battery so far (I got the 16Ah), the power is also good and I can carry it up and down the stairs as I need to. It’s not easy, but compared to the heavier e-bikes I’ve tried, it’s doable! Thanks Eco Bikes!

I am very happy

[****]. I was encouraged to buy this by a review from a lady even older than I am (I'm 75). My partner has tweaked it a bit. I now have chunky tyres and a more comfortable seat but love the really low stepover. With the battery removed I can just about lift the bike into my bike shed though it is a bit of a struggle. This is my 4th electric bike ( I started riding one in addition to an ordinary one at the end of last century) and the only thing I miss is the thumb throttle. My first three practice trips were on local country roads with gentle hills but a few days ago I did 11km through the forest behind my house tackling bumpy, stoney and grassy inclines. Brilliant.


I love this bike. I have a fold up mountain bike but wanted a more bike looking bike, and this is fantastic. Bought the larger battery with up to 75 mile range and dont think it'll be far away. 30 mile ride using various power modes from 1 to 5 and still had about half the battery power left. Added throttle is a bonus (although a pain to fit) for pulling away from crossings and traffic lights but only used it for that purpose. averaged about 14.5 mph in level 3 on battery on various terrains and ascents/descents. I have purchased a different saddle but that's just my preference and one with the bike is fine. This was a great choice for me and i cant wait till i get on it again and look for an excuse to ride. if your looking at this bike, i dont think your be disappointed, i know im not.

So pleased with this bike

After lots of research and months of deliberations I took the plunge and opted for the Ampere Tourer S, with the slightly lower crossbar and the 16A battery. I love it! I have ridden it 3 times already and can't wait to go again. I was amazed at how powerful the motor was and how easily it coped with some tough hills round here. Although I do feel like I'm exercising I'm hardly breaking a sweat. The bike itself looks very sturdy but is still easy to lift. Though I'm no expert, the parts all look and feel of good quality. This bike exceeds all my expectations and makes me happy to be back out on the road again

New bike issues

The E Go Lite arrived really quickly and we were pleased with the bike however,
There was no paperwork of any kind in the box.No invoice or manual nothing.
The Big Bum seat was fitted but the original seat was missing.
The tyre on the front was virtually flat clearly it had not been checked before shipping.
All issues were corrected very quickly but they should not have happened.
A disappointed customer.

Ampere Tourer-S hybrid

Thanks to Jarred and his team for their advice and recommendations. Excellent customer services. Questions answered quickly. No negatives. The bike…well what an amazing bike! Good uphills, looks great, smooth ride. Would 100% recommend the bike and Eco Bike Co. Thank you!

Ampere deluxe step through bike

Received bike within 6 days, instructions for assembly not too clear, diagrams in particular not good, what should have been 30 min job took over 2 hours.
The bike itself is just what I was looking for, easy to get on, powerful enough to help me up hills, display easy to read, easy to use controls and gears. Good breaks with brake light at rear. Comes with lights, mudguards and back carrier rack.
All in all very pleased and good value.

Great bike

I love my ex demo Ampere Tourer-S hybrid bike.. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was at school and 45 years later I can’t wait to get on it every day! Fantastic service and communication from Eco bike, I’d highly recommend buying from them!


Fast efficient, sleek stylish. You can hardly tell it’s an electric bike with its hidden battery.
Loving the step through as it means I can wear a skirt or dress. With the electric assist pedalling I don’t think twice about any journey I have to make as hills just aren’t a factor for a cycle journey anymore.
I can go anywhere I need to go wearing what I like to where I need to be.
It’s powerful enough that I’ve hardly used more than level 2 to get me up the hills where I live. It’s given me a new confidence to enjoy cycling.

Mirider one

Can’t believe how quick the bike arrived, they were dealing with back log orders and so when mine arrived 2 days after ordering I was impressed. Packaged well, amazing bike! Best bike I’ve had, used it a few times now. The seat is comfortable, just a fun bike all round. I love it!

Ampere deluxe

Absolutely great bike for the price the wife loves it

Happy cyclists

Bought two Mirider, delivery as promised.
Very happy with the service and looking forward to miles of cycling.