A crossbar electric bike is an electric bicycle designed for increased stability and control. The distinguishing feature of this type of bike is the frame that crosses over the top tube, which is how it got its name. Crossbar bikes were originally designed with male riders in mind however there are commonly regarded as unisex. 

Crossbar electric bikes offer several advantages over standard bicycles, including increased stability and control, as well as easy mounting and dismounting. They also provide more room for riders taller riders with longer legs than traditional bicycles can accommodate due to their typically larger frame size.


Crossbar electric bikes don’t just offer superior ride quality – they look good too! With sleek designs and stylish colours, these bikes are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Crossbar electric bikes are incredibly convenient and comfortable, especially if you plan on using it for commuting or recreation. Our crossbar electric bikes come with features like LCD displays and built-in navigation systems that make it easy to find your way around town or plan out your next adventure. Additionally, many come equipped with comfortable seating and adjustable handlebar heights so that riders of any size can find the perfect fit while they ride.  

Electric bikes have recently gained popularity among the general public, not only because they are sustainable and environmentally friendly but also because they are a fun way for both men and women to maintain their fitness and health. 

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With a large range, comfortable ride, and powerful motors, riding just got more efficient and enjoyable than ever. Ideal for both men and women, our crossbar electric bikes such as those from Ampere, Ezego, and Hikobike provide exhilarating performance on flat terrain or mountainous areas alike. 

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