Electric Bikes by Wisper

Wisper Electric Bikes were one of the first e-bike brands to appear in the UK and offer a wide selection of electric bike models. Their traditional electric range features high power electric motors and robust frames, while their lightweight and powerful Tailwind range is perfectly designed for commuting in the city. Whether you're looking for a leisurely pedal or a quicker ride around town, Wisper electric bikes have your cycling needs covered. Offering durability and great performance, Wisper electric bikes provide an alternative to petrol powered vehicles that helps lessen emissions and increases cycling enjoyment.

Wisper Tailwind Trail Crossbar Electric Bike

With 17 years of eBike innovation and engineering, Wisper's Tailwind model brings agility to the forefront. Boasting a low 19kg weight that sets it apart from other electric bikes on the market, this sleek ride offers both effortless handling and state-of-the art battery technology for an intuitive experience each time you embark on your journey. The new Wisper Tailwind marks an exciting moment in electric bike history - no hassle riding with maximum style!

Wisper Wayfarer Range

For those seeking the ultimate in a bike that can tackle both city streets and off-road terrain, look no further than Wisper's Wayfarer range. 15 years of partnering with dealers and riders have created this innovative hybrid eBike - offering 27.5” wheels, fat tyres for added comfort as well as aluminium mudguards plus options to mount front racks if desired. Boasting an impressive new patent-pending battery system allowing easy installation from the top so you don't need turn your ride over or take it apart each time you charge up! Choose between standard 450Wh or long range 700Wh batteries depending on your cycling needs - whatever journey awaits you'll be ready for adventure!