Ezego is an industry-leading brand that aims to make e-biking “eze” and electric bikes accessible to as many people as possible. Every ezego electric bike is made with premium materials and components. The company has some of the most reliable and durable electric bikes, unparalleled in quality and performance. 

An Ezego bike is perfect for any environment, whether you’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city or find yourself taking a leisurely ride through the peaceful quiet of the countryside. 

The Eco Bike Company is a trusted retailer of Ezego electric bikes. You can choose your favourite ezego electric bike and order it here directly! Which one will you get? To make your purchase decision Eze-er, here’s a list of our favourites. 

Ezego Folding Electric Bike - Ezego Fold

The Ezego folding electric bikes are one of the most dynamic and versatile folding bikes. It maximizes comfort without compromising on its sleek and innovative design. The new design of the folding bike allows for a more natural riding experience. The folding step of the e-bike also reduces the strain on your back and your muscles to minimise fatigue. 

Equipped with a quick-release 36v 400Wh Samsung battery that can give you ranges up to 50km from a single charge, the Ezego folding electric bike is fast and reliable. The bikes have an intelligent 2Ah battery that will go from 0-100 fully in 6 hours!

Ezego Trail Destroyer Electric Mountain Bike

Not many mountain bikes on the market can hold a candle to the Ezego Trail Destroyer. This bike is as good as mountain bikes get.  

The Trail Destroyer is a proper mountain bike in every sense of the word. The short-stemmed and wide handlebars on the trail destroyer make control and handling more effortless than ever over rugged terrain. Besides, at this price point, real MTB trail geometry, 120mm of travel, plus a boost thru-axle on the fork are indeed a rarity. 

Ezego Step Nx Step-Through Electric Bike

The Ezego Step Nx is one of Ezego’s best-selling and most popular models. Mounting is more comfortable than ever before because the company acts on feedback from users and gives them exactly what they want! Improvements include wider tires for a more stable and strain-free ride and the inclusion of a larger frame version for a wider audience. 

These step-through electric bikes are great for anyone with reduced mobility because they’ll be able to benefit significantly from increased accessibility and motor-assisted cycling.  

The design geometry also helps riders maintain a more upright posture to eliminate stress on the joints and back. The aluminum suspension fork, which also has a hydraulic lockout, softens the bumps in the trail. 

Ezego Fold Ls. Low Step Through Folding Electric Bike

Ezego listened to their cherished customers and combined the best elements of their two best-selling products: the Ezego folding electric bike and the step-through electric bike, to craft a new masterpiece, the Ezego Fold Ls. Low Step Through Folding Bike. This makes it easier to store the e-bike and mount it, and lugging it around is no longer an exercise in its own right like carrying bikes used to be. 

This version, as compared to the classic Fold, has a slightly larger frame and wider saddle for stability and comfort. 

The Fold LS’s components have been painstakingly developed with meticulous attention to detail and are carefully selected for maximum performance and minimal weight.

Please browse through all Ezego products on our website and read more about each product’s impressive specs to find the perfect fit to suit your exact needs.