Electric cargo bikes are making an increasingly regular appearance both for urban and off-road applications around the country. Thanks to their robust design, these bikes offer excellent cargo-carrying capacity and are perfect for a range of challenging conditions.

Electric bikes are well-suited to a wider wheelbase. Generally, larger wheels will add extra weight to the bike, but thanks to the motor, this is offset, meaning users can enjoy a stable and pleasant ride.


An electric cargo bike combines the benefits of a traditional cargo bike with those of an electric motor. These bikes are designed with a sturdy frame to accommodate cargo needs, providing a practical and efficient solution for transporting goods.

Cargo electric bikes come with an integrated motor, usually in the rear wheel, that assists the rider's pedal power. Depending on the brand and model, this can either be a pedal-assist system (where the motor provides power only when the rider is pedaling) or a throttle-based system (where the motor can drive the bike without pedaling). Keep in mind that, in the UK, a throttle-based electric bike is not road legal.


  1. Enhanced Comfort: The cargo design allows for a stable and smooth ride, even when carrying heavy loads.

  2. Electric Assistance: The motor provides a helpful boost, making it easier to transport cargo over longer distances or navigate challenging terrains.  

  3. Stability: The broader base of cargo bikes offers excellent stability, ensuring confidence in handling even with heavy loads. 

  4. Year-Round Usage: Cargo electric bikes are suitable for all four seasons, making them versatile for various weather conditions. 

  5. Durability: These bikes come with extra robust frames, designed to support additional weight and provide durability for frequent cargo-carrying. 

  6. Safety for Cargo: Cargo bikes are designed to securely carry loads, reducing the risk of items shifting during transit. 

  7. Cargo Handling: Cargo bikes are specifically designed to carry loads, making them ideal for transporting goods in urban or off-road environments.


It's essential to consider both the pros and cons of a cargo electric bike based on individual needs and usage scenarios before making a purchase. Here are some considerations:

  1. Weight: Cargo bikes tend to be heavier than standard electric bikes due to the robust frame and cargo-carrying capabilities.

  2. Cost: The specialised design and added specifications of cargo bikes can make them relatively more expensive than normal electric bikes.

  3. Maintenance: Frequent use, especially with heavy cargo, may require more regular maintenance.

  4. Energy Efficiency: While pedal-assistance is beneficial, the added weight of cargo may impact battery efficiency.

  5. Manoeuvrability: The size and weight of cargo bikes can make them less agile, especially in tight spaces.

  6. Storage and Transportation: Cargo bikes are bulkier, posing challenges for storage and transportation, particularly on bike racks.

What is an electric cargo bike like to ride?

Riding a cargo electric bike offers a unique experience that combines the practicality of cargo handling with the benefit of electric assistance from the motor.

  • Smooth and Stable: The cargo design ensures a smoother and stable ride, even when carrying heavy loads.
  • Efficient Cargo Transport: With the motor assistance, transporting cargo becomes more manageable, especially over longer distances or challenging terrains.

  • Heavier Feel, but with Assistance: The weight difference is compensated by the significant electric assist from the motor.

  • Stable Handling: Cargo bikes offer stable handling, providing confidence in manoeuvring even with heavy loads.
  • Less Agile: Due to the build and weight of cargo bikes, they might feel less nimble, especially in tight turns or weaving in and out of traffic.

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