At Eco Bike Co. we offer a selection of foldable fat tyre electric bikes - combining portability with stability and comfort.

Fat tyre bikes are increasingly regular sights both on and off-road around the country. Thanks to their extra contact surface, the tyres offer excellent traction on unstable terrain and are perfect for challenging weather conditions, including snow.

Electric bikes are well suited to a wider tyre. Generally, large tyres will add extra weight to the bike, but thanks to the motor, this is offset, meaning users can enjoy a stable and pleasant ride.

Fat tyre electric bikes are popular among all kinds of riders. If you’ve been out of the saddle for some time, the wider tyre can provide balance-boosting confidence, while the more adventurous cyclists out there will find a fat tyre electric bike can go places that other bikes simply can’t.

Wondering whether a fat tyre electric bike is for you? Why not get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced team members who can talk through the different features of our selection.

Note: all purchases of best-selling electric bikes made via Eco Bike Co. come with full manufacturer warranties as well as free UK-wide delivery.