Fat tyre electric bikes are making an increasingly regular appearance both on and off-road around the country. Thanks to the extra contact surface, the tyres offer excellent traction on unstable ground and are perfect for challenging weather conditions, including snow.

Electric bikes are well suited to a wider tyre. Generally, large tyres will add extra weight to the bike, but thanks to the motor, this is offset, meaning users can enjoy a stable and pleasant ride.


A fat tyre electric bike, also known a "fat e-bike," combines the benefits of a traditional fat tyre bike alongside those of an electric motor. As the name suggests, the most defining feature of these bikes are their extra thick tyres, which are typically 4" wide or sometimes more! This is considerably broader than the tyres of a standard e-bike.

Fat tyre electric bikes come with an integrated motor, usually in the rear wheel, that is used to assist the rider's pedal power. Depending on the brand and model, this can either be a pedal-assist system (where the motor provides power only when the rider is pedalling) or a throttle-based system (where the motor can drive the bike without pedalling). Bear in mind, here in the UK, a throttle-based electric bike is not road legal.


Fat tyre e-bikes offer a range of features - here are why we think it's great owning a fat tyre electric bike:

  1. Versatile Terrain Handling: The thicker tyres (normally 4") are designed to handle a variety of terrains, from muddy tracks, to sandy beaches (see our video on the E-Go Max Plus!), to snowy paths. They provide superior traction and stability which is great for the rider.

  2. Increase Comfort: The fat tyres act as shock absorbers, resulting in smoother rides and taking the edge off rougher patches on roads or trails.

  3. Electric Assistance: On top of the added comfort, the electric motor will provide a handy boost, making hill climbs a breeze. This means you'll be able to cover longer distances, or ride against strong winds with ease, making it a more enjoyable experience. Fat tyre electric bikes tend to be on the heavier side too due to the nature of the bike, therefore pedalling without the motor can be a bit harder.

  4. Better Balance: The broader base of the tyres offers excellent stability, which is advantageous for beginners or those who are not as confident on a bike as they used to be.

  5. All Year Round Usage: Fat wheel electric bikes are suitable for all four seasons, including the winter months when it's extra muddy here in the UK. This means you'll get more use out of the bike, instead of it sitting in the shed all winter!

  6. Durability: These bikes comes with extra robust frames, designed to support additional weight of the electric components of an e-bike and the wider tyres.

  7. Safety on Soft Ground: On softer terrains like mud, sand or snow, there is a heavily reduced risk of the bike sinking or getting stuck due to the larger surface area of the tyres, making it safer on these terrains.


It's vital to weigh up both the pros and cons of a fat tyre electric bike based on your individual needs and use scenarios before purchasing one. Here are some disadvantages we like to let our customers know regarding these types of bikes:

  1. Weight: Fat tyre e-bikes tend to be heavier than standard electric bikes mainly due to the extra weight of the broader wheels.

  2. Cost: The specialised design, along with the added specifications of these specialist off-road bikes (such as full suspension etc.) can mean that they tend to be a little more expensive than normal electric bikes.

  3. Maintenance: They also tend to require more frequent maintenance, especially if ridden on the more challenging terrains. This depends completely on how often you use the bike - we always suggest speaking to a local bike shop on this.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Whilst the pedal-assistance is beneficial, the added weight and the increase resistance of the fat tyres, means the battery can deplete faster than on a standard e-bike.

  5. Less Manoeuvrability: The sheer size and weight of the fat tyre e-bikes can make them less agile and harder to manoeuvre, especially in tight spaces compared to regular sized bikes.

  6. Storage: They are bulky in design, which can post a challenge when it comes to storage. If they're out in a large shed that's absolutely fine, but if you're thinking of storing in the house then bear in mind they're quite bulky.

  7. Transportation: Transporting these bikes on bike racks can be a bit tricky - before purchasing always make sure the racks you have or ones you will be buying for them are able to take the thicker 4" tyres.

What is an electric fat bike like to ride?

Riding a fat tyre e-bike offers a unique experience that combines the individual feel of the thicker tyres with the benefit of electric assistance from the motor.

  • Smooth and Stable: Due to the wide tyres, fat e-bikes offer a smoother ride of bumpy terrain. They provide greater stability, and riders often report feeling much more confident when navigating challenging paths or even just pothole-ridden streets (of which there are a lot of here in the UK!).

  • Grippy and Secure: The large contact area of the tyres ensures better traction. Whether it's a sandy beach or just a wet pavement, riders will appreciate the extra grip these tyres offer.

  • Effortless on challenging terrains: With the motor assistance, tricky terrain or steep inclines become much more manageable. Even if the thick tyres make manual pedalling a bit harder, the electric motor more than compensates for this by providing a boost.

  • Heavier Feel, but with Assistance: Whilst the bike itself is a bit heavier than standard e-bikes, this weight difference is cancelled out by the significant electric assist you gain from the motor. However if you do run out of battery, pedalling can feel quite hard due to the weight of the bike.

  • Less Agile: Due to the build and weight of the bikes, they might feel less nimble, especially in tight turns or weaving in and out of traffic. It's a trade-off for the stability they provide.

  • Fun Factor: Many riders report that the combination of the ability tackle virtually any terrain with the added power from the motor makes for a very fun and enjoyable ride.

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