Our top 5 Step-Through Electric Bikes

Our top 5 Step-Through Electric Bikes

People love the price and practical benefits of the electric bike, what's not to love? It has everything you want. Speed, versatility, portability (especially on the folding options), and simplicity (turn it on and go).

Electric bikes have had incredible development and innovation over recent years. We have a great range of Step Through E-bikes available that offer a host of features and benefits. As there are so many good models available, it can be hard to pick out the right one for you.

    Our top 5 Step-Through Electric Bikes

    The following list of step-through electric bikes is based on years of experience and customer feedback. If you're looking for your next E-bike, here are some of our favourites...

    1. Ampere Deluxe

    The Ampere Deluxe is a great option for anyone who wants to get around town in style. With a powerful 65nm torque motor and sleek design, this bike will have you looking forward to your morning commute.

    The Ampere Deluxe is a great choice for anyone who wants to go electric and get some exercise, but doesn't want to deal with the bulk of a traditional e-bike. The step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike, and its lightweight frame means that it can be moved around easily.

    · Battery
    10Ah (40 Miles) or 13Ah Lithium-ion battery (55 Miles). It takes about 3 to 6 hours to charge from zero.

    · Weight
    This lightweight bike weighs just 22 kg 

    · Brakes
    Hydraulic brakes - Front brake (180mm) and Rear Brakes (160mm)

    · Tyres
    700c or 26” tyres

    · Motor
    250W Brushless Rear Hub Motor (65nm torque).

    · Throttle
    An upgradeable option that provides assistance up to15.5mph without pedalling.

    2. Westhill Classic

    The Westhill Classic is lightweight and easy to operate, making it a perfect choice for a first time E-bike user.

    This bike features some of the 'best in class' components and is great option for anyone who wants a traditional riding experience with an added boost of power. Available in either Red or Blue.

    · Battery
    14Ah integrated LG battery (Up to 60 Miles).

    · Size and Weight
    The Westhill Classic Step Through Electric Bike weighs 22kg, making it easy to transport and store.

    · Brakes
    Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

    · Tyres
    26” Puncture Resistant Tyres

    · Motor
    Bafang Hub Motor (65Nm)

    · Gears
    Shimano SL-M315-7R

    3. Emu Roam

    The Emu Roam Step Through Electric Bike is a high quality affordable electric bike that has some great features, including a powerful motor, a step-through frame, disc brakes and a rear rack. The Emu Roam has a Shimano drive system and an integrated LCD display to make riding more enjoyable.

    The Emu Roam step-through electric bike is a great choice for those who are looking for a stylish, comfortable and easy to ride electric bicycle.

    · Battery
    10.4Ah (27-45 Miles) or 14.5Ah (35-55 Miles).

    · Weight

    · Brakes
    Tektro V-Brakes

    · Tyres
    700c CST Puncture Resistant Tyres

    · Motor
    40nm torque (250W 36V front hub) 

    · Gears
    7 Speed Shimano Rear Derailleur

    4. Hikobike Pulse

    Hikobike Pulse is a classic step through design, equipped with a powerful electric motor. The bike comes in two colours - White and Red.

    The Hikobike Pulse is perfect for commuting to work, running errands around town, or taking a leisurely ride through the park.

    · Battery
    468Wh or 500Wh 

    · Weight
    19.5kg + Battery (2.7kg)

    · Brakes
    Tektro Cable Disc 

    · Tyres
    Kenda Fat Road Puncture Resistant (26 x 2.10)

    · Motor
    250W Bafang Hub Drive

    · Gears
    8 Speed Shimano Acera

    5. Kuma S2

    The Kuma S2 is a good choice for those wanting a step-through electric bike that has a very simple design with a classic feel.

    · Battery
    14Ah (Up to 120km)

    · Weight

    · Brakes
    Tektro TD 825 Hydraulic Disc

    · Tyres
    Kenda E-Bike Specific 700c.

    · Motor
    Bafang H400 Front Hub

    · Gears
    Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Internal Hub.

    June 01, 2022
    Commuting by e-bike: Our top tips

    Commuting by e-bike: Our top tips

    Unsurprisingly, at Eco Bike Co. HQ, we’re big advocates of commuting by e-bike. There are just so many benefits.


    We find an early-morning, exercise-induced, endorphin hit more satisfying than any cup of coffee. 


    What’s more, cycling to work is in fact more predictable than other modes of transport - forget congestion, forget red signals, and delays. Instead, feel the wind in your face! 


    There’s the lessened risk of Covid-19 transmission, and don’t get us started on the environmental benefits… yep, commuting by e-bike is the must-do lifestyle change for 2022.


    However, if you’re new to cycling to work, it’s well worth doing a little prep. Check out our top tips for commuting by e-bike.


    Pick the right e-bike for your needs


    As you’ll see on our site, there are a wide range of e-bike models available. It’s worth doing some research, or speaking to an expert to understand your options and help you choose the right bike for your situation.


    If your commute is “blended”, i.e. part on public transport, part cycling, you may find a folding electric bike is the right choice for you. A folding bike may also be a good choice if there are limited safe places to lock up your bike near your work place, or there is a lack of bike storage.


    While portability and weight are important factors when choosing an e-bike for commuting, it’s worth considering the length of your cycle . This may impact your choice of bike as different models and battery sizes will offer different ranges - and may necessitate something of a trade off.


    We talk more about choosing the right e-bike here.


    It’s important to have the right kit


    Investing in appropriate apparel and accessories will pay off in terms of comfort and safety.


    First up, you need a quality helmet. There is probably nothing more important when it comes to riding an e-bike - especially when commuting in rush hour - and it’s not a purchase to skimp on. 


    That said, we offer a variety of road-tested helmets at a range of accessible price points here.


    The weather in the UK is changeable, at best, and down-right wet, at worst. Proper waterproofs are essential for commuting by e-bike. 


    Look for garments that as well as being waterproof, are also breathable to avoid  turning up at work soaked through from the outside and inside!


    We’d always advocate wearing high-visibility gear, whatever the weather, but especially during winter when mornings and evenings are dark.


    On the subject of visibility, front and tail lights are a must, and a reflector or two won’t hurt.


    It’s likely you’ll have some baggage with you, perhaps a laptop, a packed lunch or clean clothes - nothing you’d like getting wet. Waterproof panniers are a good option for securely, and dryly, transporting your paraphernalia to work - and arguably make for a more stable cycling experience than a backpack.


    Take time to plan your route in advance


    Thanks to the power assist feature of an e-bike, hills aren’t going to be an issue, but you may well opt for a different route when cycling to work as opposed to driving.


    Is there a more scenic option e.g. through a park, or along a canal? 


    Perhaps there’s an option to use a cycle path such as one of London’s cycle superhighways.


    Dedicated cycle routes will offer a less stop-start ride, and without cars, are safer.


    Some cyclists prefer to use smaller roads, with lower speed limits. While these may not present the shortest, most direct, route to the office, they often have less traffic in rush hour and make for a more pleasant cycling experience.


    Sometimes, in actuality, a route is different to how you predicted it to be when checking it on Google Maps. It’s always worth allowing for a trial run, especially if you’ve a 9 AM meeting with your boss to attend!


    Be sure to look after your bike and battery


    You don’t want to be about to leave for work to find a technical issue with your bike.


    Good practices when it comes to maintenance can ensure your bike stays on the road. What’s more, they can also improve your battery’s health and life-span.


    Try to keep your bike clean, particularly the moving parts, and regularly check tire pressure.


    There are a number of tricks to keeping your battery in good working order, such as not letting it go completely flat or fully charging it. 


    We’ve put together some maintenance tips here - as well as some essential info on looking after your battery.


    Keep your e-bike safe when commuting


    Have you considered where you will store your e-bike on arriving at work?


    While some offices and workplaces offer secure cycle storage facilities, this isn’t universal.


    If you can’t bring your bike into work, you’ll likely have to lock it out on the street. Be sure to leave your bike in a place where it can be well observed, is lit at night, and ideally even covered by CCTV.


    The first step to reducing the chances of your bike being stolen while at work is to invest in a solid lock. We’ve said it before: “a cheap lock is a false economy”.


    If you’re going to invest in an e-bike and use it for commuting, buy a high-quality bike lock. Check out our range here


    Refresh your knowledge of the highway code


    Last but not least, it’s worth clueing up on the highway code before starting commuting by e-bike.


    While you may think yourself familiar with the text, it is regularly updated - and certain points are particularly applicable to cyclists rather than drivers.


    Don’t get caught out.


    Take some time to remind yourself of cycling best practices, too. If new to cycling, or returning after time out from the sport, consider how best to maintain your fitness and avoid injury.


    We’ve listed some tips for those getting back in the saddle.


    Commuting by e-bike: Our top tips


    Follow the advice detailed above, and commuting by e-bike will become one of the highlights of your working day.


    Do you have any tips for fellow e-bike commuters? Or perhaps you have a story of how commuting by e-bike has revolutionised your daily routine?


    We’d love to hear from you - get in touch today.

    April 12, 2022
    Five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer

    Five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer

    Although e-bikes can be ridden whatever the weather, you really can’t beat a bike ride on a summer’s day.

    2022 has been a great year for e-bikes with new and updated models launching across a range of brands - so much so, if you’re new to electric bikes,  you may want to check out our guide to choosing the right one.

    But in this blog we’re focusing on this summer’s selection.

    Picking out just five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer is a really tough ask. We pride ourselves in selling only what we consider to be the best available UK e-bikes - but after much deliberation,  we came up with the following list.

    In no particular order, check out the five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer.

    The Ampere X-Trail

    If you’re planning on hitting the trails, or simply getting off-road this summer, you can’t do much better than the Ampere X-Trail.

    It’s designed with tough routes in mind. Puncture-resistant tyres and “best in class” Shimano gears make the X-Trail well-adapted to tricky terrain - but it’s the motor and battery set up that makes this a truly stand-out mountain e-bike.

    With an exceptionally powerful 65NM motor, the X-Trail makes climbing hills as fun as bombing back down them. 

    The X-Trail’s battery is mounted centrally, and in-tube, aiding stability. There are two options available - 10Ah or 13Ah. Fully charged, the 13Ah offers a range of a whopping 55 miles, meaning long, worry-free, days out.

    What’s more, the X-Trail offers serious value for money. As one of our customers, John, stated: “Very happy with my purchase… [I] was a little concerned as the price is very competitive that it wouldn't be as good as it is!”

    The X-Trail is covered by a one-year warranty, so you can ride with confidence, wherever you are.

    Check out the Ampere X-Trail now.

    The MiRIDER One 

    Gosh, how we love this folding e- bike… and our customers do too - it’s the best-selling bike we offer (across all categories), and for good reason.

    Now in its third generation, the MiRIDER One is arguably the ultimate urban mode of transport. And we’re not the only ones to think so, with TechRadar describing the MiRIDER One  as “a premium experience, carefully engineered, and remarkable value for money.

    So what makes this e-bike so good?

    First up is its frame. This is a gorgeous e-bike. Unlike traditionally welded frames, the MiRIDER One  frame is die-cast, creating a truly unique design. 

    It doesn’t just look good. It’s made from an aircraft grade magnesium alloy, making it both tough and lightweight.

    Weight is an important factor when it comes to choosing a folding electric bike. The third generation has shedded 1.5kg from the previous iteration, leaving the bike at a portable 17.3kg.

    It’s an undeniably practical piece of kit, charging from flat to full in just two to three hours. A full charge offers an impressive range of 45-50 miles thanks to a new 7ah battery.

    Oh, and did we mention the MiRIDER One comes in nine different colourways?

    This bike really has to be seen to be believed. Check out its amazing specs in full here.

    Emu Classic Step Through or Crossbar

    We’re big fans of Emu e-bikes and the Emu Classic is arguably one of the most versatile electric bikes on the market.

    The Emu Classic comes in two models - step-through or crossbar - depending on your personal preference. Performance-wise, there’s no difference.

    There’s a lot to like about the Emu Classic. You have multiple battery options and when paired with its  Smart Battery Management System, it offers a range of up to 65 miles. 

    With a 250-watt motor, hills aren’t ever going to be an issue, while riders often comment how surprised they are at its quietness.

    What really makes the Emu Classic stand out is the Enviolo hub gear system. This revolutionary system allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Expect an incredibly smooth, noise-free ride. Thanks to its encased hub, the Enviolo hub requires virtually no maintenance.

    You generally only find an Enviolo system in the most expensive bikes, making the Emu Classic an even better choice this summer.

     The Ampere Deluxe 

    Meet the Ampere Deluxe, our best selling step-through e-bike.

    This bike blends practicality with power. 

    Considering its significant range of up to 55 miles, and powerful 65NM motor, it’s notably lightweight at just 22kg.

    Despite its weight, Ampere have cut no corners when it comes to the frame, which is robust and sturdy, making it suitable for both trail and city riding.

    It’s hard to ignore how good this bike looks. Sleek and stylish in either light blue or grey, the Ampere Deluxe will be drawing plenty of admiring glances this summer.

    At an exceptional price point, the Ampere Deluxe looks set to continue as our best-selling step-through this summer. The reviews speak for themselves… 

    The E-Go Max Plus

    No list of e-bikes that are exciting us this summer would be complete without the E-Go Max Plus.

    While the E-Go foldable range has been a firm favourite of ours for some time, the Max Plus model has got us seriously excited.

    The Max Plus is equipped with the same powerful motor, innovative seat-post battery and best-in-class gears and brakes as the max  - but what makes it stand out are its 4.25" fat tyres. 

    Unlike most e-bikes, the E-Go Max Plus is perfectly suited to sand, trails and other unstable terrain.

    Check it out in action at West Wittering - that could be you this summer! 


    Five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer


    All five of these e-bikes are exceptional. Choosing between them comes down to personal preference and your circumstances. 


    For commuting you might find the MiRIDER one is the ideal choice, whereas cross-country enthusiasts will likely be eyeing up the Ampere X-trail.


    If you’d like more information about any of the e-bikes detailed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    April 05, 2022
    Reasons to buy an e-bike in 2022: Our top five

    Reasons to buy an e-bike in 2022: Our top five

    You’ve taken the first step. You’ve begun looking into e-bikes.

    First of all - welcome!

    Secondly, you’re in the right place.

    Eco Bike Co. is one of the UK’s leading e-bike retailers. Not only do we stock an extensive range of bikes, but we’re passionate cyclists and e-bike advocates ourselves.

    This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but some of our reasons to buy an e-bike in 2022 might. 

    From health and happiness to saving money, we asked the team at Eco Bike Co. HQ to share their top reasons for investing in an electric bike.

     E-bikes are fun, easy and safe to ride

    If you’re yet to try one, we can confirm: riding an e-bike is great fun.

    Do you enjoy the feel of the wind in your face as you cycle? Well, you’re going to love engaging power assist and gliding through traffic, up hills, and along even the trickiest of trails.

    Some people ask if riding an e-bike is harder or more complex than a conventional bike. Absolutely not.

    With a wide range of models available, there is an e-bike suited to people of all shapes, sizes, age, and fitness levels.

    Indeed, whether it’s hills, cross winds or driving rain that is putting you off getting out on a bike, an e-bike’s lightweight but powerful motor is more than an antidote for tricky conditions. 

    Interestingly, a study carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory revealed e-bike users, compared to conventional cyclists, are on average twice as likely to take their bike out - a clear signifier of the accessibility of e-bikes.

    E-bikes offer a range of potential health benefits

    It’s well established that exercise is beneficial for both your mental and physical health.

    As we’ve noted above, e-bike users are on average taking more exercise than conventional cyclists thanks to the bike’s appeal and ease-of-use. What’s more, they may well be riding for longer due to the power assist function.

    While some may argue having a motor limits the level of exercise taken, one only needs to use the motor as and when required - and even when doing so, e-bike riding is still considered moderate exercise.

    Another benefit of the motor is reduced muscle strain and fatigue - lessening the likelihood of injury, keeping you out riding and exercising for longer.

    E-bike riding has been linked to immune system improvements and cardiovascular and respiratory health. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s well worth taking note of this.

    Around the office, we agreed the sense of well-being e-bike riding provides has to be one of the greatest health benefits. 

    We’ve mentioned how fun e-bikes are, and the endorphin blast of a morning ride is truly a stress buster! 

    The additional time spent out of doors - commuting, running errands and trips to the  countryside - is a major mood-boost. There’s also a widely-recognised link between fresh air and exercise and getting a good night’s sleep.

    E-bikes are environmentally friendly

    It’s hard not to be thinking about the state of the planet in 2022, with climate change and its impacts becoming clear to see.

    If you’re concerned about your own impact on the environment, an e-bike is a great investment.

    E-bikes are a zero-emission mode of transport. With motor vehicles accounting for a fifth of UK greenhouse gas emissions, swapping your drive to work for a e-bike ride is a smart choice.

    They also reduce environmentally-harmful congestion, using less space in the road, and are able to take advantage of the increasingly widespread dedicated cycle routes.

    What’s more, as the UK’s energy mix shifts towards a greater proportion of renewables, charging your e-bike is more eco-friendly than ever. In some places, you can even charge your bike solely using green energy

    With major strides being taken to reduce the environmental impact of battery production and disposal, e-bike are an environmentally friendly choice for 2022.

    E-bike technology is getting better and better

    In 2022, we’re seeing the best ever range of e-bikes to hit the UK.

    Developments to battery and motor technology mean longer rides and shorter charge times.

    Resultantly, batteries now function to a high standard for longer - making them more sustainable as well as saving you money.

    Although there are different types of e-bikes for different purposes (e.g. types of terrain), almost universally frames are getting lighter, and previous concerns about the weight of e-bikes have become a thing of the past.

    E-bikes can save you money 

    There are a range of figures and data sources out there when it comes to the average cost of commuting in the UK - but safe to say, it isn’t cheap.

    Riding an e-bike to work has never been more appealing in terms of cost.

    Train fares have risen in 2022, while much discussion of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has centred on the record price rises of petrol.

    The financial benefit of cycling to work has never been greater than in 2022.

    The sad reality of the cost-of-living crisis is many of us are being forced to economise. Swap out your gym membership for weekend e-bike rides. We find there’s no better way to spend a weekend than out on an e-bike - an affordable and healthy hobby.

    Charging an e-bike at home will have a negligible impact on your electricity bill, while maintenance costs will remain low so long as you adhere to best practices.

    Reasons to buy an e-bike in 2022

    We could go on all day (seriously, we’ve got some pretty dedicated e-bike fans in the office!)

    Of course, you may consider us biased (fair enough), but our top five reasons to buy an e-bike in 2022 are pretty hard to argue with. 

    Health, the environment and your personal finances are important pillars in life - which e-bike ownership helps to support.

    If you’d like to find out more about how an e-bike can have a positive impact in your life, get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

    April 01, 2022
    How to stay safe riding an e-bike in wet weather

    How to stay safe riding an e-bike in wet weather

    Spring has sprung!

    The Spring Equinox saw the UK bathed in sunshine, with temperatures clearing 20 degrees in more than one location.

    And if the forecasts are to be believed, there are more balmy spring days to come.

    So why are you guys writing about how to stay safe riding an e-bike in wet weather, you ask?

    Well, for one, don’t forget this is the UK! The weather is highly changeable - particularly at this time of year (April Showers, anyone?).

    Wet-weather riding is also a topic our experts at Eco Bike Co. are asked about regularly, with some people having preconceived ideas about possible risks of riding e-bikes in such conditions.

    Before we go any further, let’s clear that up: If it’s not too wet to ride a conventional bike, it’s not too wet to ride an e-bike. The only thing is you need to avoid fully submerging the battery or motor of your e-bike. 

    So, no excuses and staying in on those showery April days!

    That said, there are certain precautions to take when cycling in wet weather, whatever kind of two wheeled transport you have - as well as various maintenance actions and tips to ensure your safety.

    Read on for our guide to how to stay safe riding an e-bike in wet weather.

    Basic maintenance and cleaning are key

    Both conventional and e-bikes require a certain level of maintenance, whatever the time of year and weather conditions.

    Keeping your bike in good working order reduces the chances of potentially dangerous issues  occuring while out on the road..

    Arguably, e-bikes require a little more attention, given some of their technical components. 

    Once home from a wet-weather ride, there are a few actions to take before you head to the sofa.

    Give your bike a rinse down with warm soapy water.

    Although the battery is sealed, we’d tend to remove it for peace of mind and ensure the electrical contact points are well dried.

    After drying your bike, it’s time to show the chain some love. Dribble de-greaser, followed by a lubricant, on to the chain, while being sure to remove any dirt from in-between the links.

    If you’re not too confident about maintaining some of the moving parts of the bike, you can always take it in for a service - ideally somewhere that specialises in e-bikes.

    We’ve compiled some other handy e-bike maintenance tips here.

    Make sure you’re wearing appropriate kit

    Wearing the right clothing makes a huge difference to cycling, whatever the weather.

    When it comes to the rain, it’s simply vital.

    Suitable cycling gear not only makes riding an e-bike in wet weather more comfortable, but it makes it safer too by reducing the risk of catching a chill, uncomfortable chafing or getting rain in your eyes (we’re big fans of cycling caps for that very purpose).

    Gloves are a good shout in wet weather, not just to keep your hands warm, but to ensure sufficient grip on your handle bars.

    It’s worth shopping around for a quality jacket. Lightweight with a high level of water resistance should be top of your wish list. High-vis is also a plus..

    You can’t do much better than Emu’s range of wet weather cycling clothing - from jackets, to trousers and gloves.

    Make sure whatever you're carrying is waterproofed, too. You don’t want to be arriving at the office to find your laptop or important documents are soaked through.

    Different cyclists have different preferences for cycling baggage, but at Eco Bike Co. HQ waterproof panniers are our preferred choice for riding an e-bike in wet weather.

    Consider some additional accessories for your e-bike

    A key consideration to staying safe while riding an e-bike in wet weather is visibility.

    As mentioned above, high-vis clothing is recommended, but we’d also strongly advise fitting lights to your bike.

    Both front and rear lights are really non-negotiable in wet weather. 

    Take a look at our range of lights here.

    It’s worth thinking about installing a mudguard or fender to your bike, too.  While the battery and motor on your e-bike will be highly water resistant, there’s no harm in having some extra protection - as well as keeping splashes from coating your back too.

    Some cyclists in very wet weather may consider changing their tires. However, Eco Bike Co. e-bikes all come with top-of-the-range tires, so this really isn’t a necessity in all but the most extreme conditions.

    Take care and adjust how you cycle

    In rainy conditions, GCSE physics comes into play!

    Wet weather means greater stopping distances due to reduced friction between the bike and the road. 

    Slow down to ensure you maintain control of the bike. Remember to break early, as it will take longer than usual to come to a safe stop.

    We’d avoid leaning too heavily into corners too, due to the reduced grip you’ll experience in wet conditions.

    Ensure dry transportation and storage of your e-bike

    To avoid your bike getting excessively wet, make sure it’s well covered when transporting it.

    You don’t need anything fancy, but a decent quality, water-resistant cover is a must for any length of journey with your bike exposed on the back or roof of your vehicle.

    When storing your bike at home in wet weather, make sure it’s not somewhere damp. 

    Damp, humid conditions will accelerate wear and tear on your e-bike and should be avoided where possible.

    How to stay safe riding an e-bike in wet weather

    Most of the principles for staying safe when riding an e-bike in wet weather are straightforward and easy to adopt.

    Remember, wet weather necessitates a little more care and attention for your bike. 

    You’ll also need to consider how you’re riding - as well as what you're wearing.

    If you’d like to discuss wet weather cycling further with our team, or to get some guidance on our wet-weather ready range of e-bikes, get in touch today.

    March 15, 2022
    Health and fitness benefits of e-bikes

    Health and fitness benefits of e-bikes

    Whether you’re looking to save money on your commute or reduce your carbon footprint, there are plenty of reasons to buy an e-bike in 2022.


    Arguably, though, there is no greater reason to start riding an e-bike than the health benefits it offers. Indeed, never has taking care of our personal health been a higher priority. 


    Of course, maintaining a healthy body is always important, but in light of the coronavirus pandemic - in which clear links were drawn between conditions such as obesity, and respiratory concerns and hospitalisations - doing what you can to stay fit is a top priority.


    What’s more, huge swathes of society struggled with their mental health over the two years of intermittent lockdowns - and continue to do so as the nation returns to its feet.


    E-bikes are a highly accessible (and fun!) way to support your mental health as well as keep fit and healthy. 


    Let’s look at our top five health and fitness benefits of e-bikes.


    Improved cardiovascular system and heart health


    The cardiovascular system refers to your heart and lungs. 


    Regular e-bike riding will increase the efficiency of your cardiovascular system - meaning your body will be able to absorb more oxygen while getting rid of waste carbon dioxide.


    More efficient capillaries in your lungs, as well as more oxygen-carrying red blood cells, can result from regular moderate exercise - leaving you feeling fitter and more energetic. 


    Exercise gets your heart beating - and riding an e-bike is no different in that regard. While you can use power assist to build up intensity gradually, limiting any strain on your heart, you’ll find over time that your heart won’t need to beat so fast while riding at the same speeds.


    This is due to your heart growing stronger and more efficient thanks to your efforts.


    According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, regular exercise, such as e-bike riding, is “one of your most effective tools for strengthening the heart muscle”, with subsequent benefits such as reduced blood pressure which can lessen the chances of a heart attack or stroke.


    E-bike riding helps you maintain a healthy weight


    Riding an e-bike gets you up and moving. An active hobby such as cycling will get  you burning more energy.


    Perhaps you will use your e-bike to commute or run errands. Think how you would have spent that time otherwise - likely totally sedate.


    Not only does the exercise in itself burn calories which can help you lose excess weight, you’ll also find your metabolism improves. 


    A more efficient metabolism will keep you energised and support you in keeping the pounds. 


    Interestingly, the University of Bristol recently carried out a study linking e-bike riding to reduced risk of type two diabetes - which can be caused by being overweight.


    Some will claim that a conventional bike will help you lose weight faster than e-bike. This isn’t entirely correct. Riding an e-bike can be as challenging or easy as you like, thanks to the power assist option. 


    What’s more, being more accessible to riders who are perhaps lacking in fitness initially or new to the sport, we tend to see those using an e-bike for exercise far less likely to give up after having been put off by the initial difficulty level.


    Riding an e-bike improves wellbeing and reduces stress


    At Eco Bike HQ. we love the great outdoors - and with summer around the corner, what better time to get out into nature with your e-bike. But even if you can’t get out of town, simply exercising outdoors can give your mood a lift


    The links between exercise and mental health are well established. The NHS have reported those who exercise regularly are 30% less likely to suffer from depression.


    Exercise can be a great stress reliever. Those who commute to work by bike often find that top-and-tailing their working day with exercise provides them with focus in the morning (plenty of oxygen to the brain) and a sense of calm at the end, having released tension through physical exertion.


    If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, fresh air and exercise are proven to help. Sleeping well can have a huge impact on mental health and is a major potential benefit of e-bike riding.


    E-bikes can help with muscle tone and strength


    The fitness fans in our team love riding their e-bikes as it offers a superb, low-impact workout for their legs and core.


    In particular, you’ll notice that e-bike riding particularly targets your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.


    Unlike running, which can cause damage as a result of pounding on the joints, e-bike riding is completely smooth. 


    What’s more, with power assist, riders can reduce difficulty when necessary, ensuring these muscles are not over-strained.


    Health and fitness benefits of e-bikes


    Whether you’re planning to ride your bike long distances or simply to the shops, you can benefit from the additional outdoor exercise available to you as an e-bike owner.


    We are huge advocates of cycling for fitness, and if you’d like to talk more about this subject with the team, do get in touch.


    DISCLAIMER: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before starting any form of exercise program. Eco Bike Co. are not medical professionals and do not offer medical advice or opinions.

    February 22, 2022
    Go further: E-bike battery maintenance and health

    Go further: E-bike battery maintenance and health

    E-bike batteries come in different shapes and sizes, but whatever the model, it’s crucial to understand the basics of e-bike battery maintenance and health.

    Looking after your battery can mean longer rides, with fewer charges required. 

    What’s more, with sensible care, your battery can also remain functional for longer, saving the need of buying a replacement - and crucially reducing the environmental impact of battery disposal.

    In this blog, we look more closely at e-bike batteries, specifically how proper maintenance to support their health can result in going further on your journeys.

    Read on for more.

    How long do e-bike batteries last?

    How long do e-bike batteries last? Let’s first define what we mean by “last”...

    There’s both run time (e.g. the range you can go with your battery on a single charge) and the length of time the battery remains functional (i.e. it retains charge and doesn’t need replacing).

    At Eco Bike Co., we pride ourselves in only working with leading electric bikes brands, so battery quality is assured with regard to both these definitions. 

    Before we get stuck into the details of battery maintenance, it’s worth reiterating, not all e-bike batteries are made equal.

    Different models and brands feature batteries with varying wattage and ampere hours, resulting in different ranges.

    Note: Range is also dependent on the different riding conditions - terrain, rider weight, tyre pressure, headwind etc.

    In terms of a battery’s life cycle, there is always going to be an endpoint as they naturally discharge over time. 

    Different models will be able to complete different numbers of charging cycles. Crucially, how you look after your battery can significantly influence how many this is. 

    Battery cleaning and basic maintenance

    After a wet or muddy ride it’s important to give your bike a once over. 

    Dirt, grit and water can all cause issues in the moving parts of a bike, while the act of cleaning a bike gives you a chance to check for any minor issues that if caught early can be dealt with more easily.

    The same applies to your battery. Remove it from the bike and wipe it down with warm soapy water. Avoid using a jet washer or anything similarly high-pressure, as while e-bike batteries are water resistant, we wouldn’t suggest pushing it to its limits in case there is some kind of damage present.

    If you do notice any damage while cleaning the battery, stop using it immediately. Get in touch with an expert for advice on the best course of action.

    How best to charge an e-bike battery

    There are several best practices to be aware of when it comes to charging your e-bike. 

    Follow these tips to maintain battery health:

    • Temperature can have an impact on how a battery charges. Charge your battery indoors, ideally somewhere with a moderate temperature of 10 to 20 degrees. 

    • Always use a charger approved by your e-bikes manufacturer to avoid risk of damage during charging. Note: Issues arising from using an unapproved charger could impact your warranty.

    • Don’t charge your battery immediately after finishing a ride - wait at least thirty minutes to let the battery cool down before plugging it in.

    • Avoid charging your battery all the way to 100%, and likewise don’t regularly discharge it to zero. Reduce battery stress by keeping it between 20% - 85% charged. This will extend it’s life

    However, there is a quarterly exception to this final point. Every few months you will want to run your battery completely flat to keep the maximum charging capacity as high as possible.

    Storage solutions and transportation tips for battery health

    We’ve noted the importance of keeping your battery between 20% and 85% - and monitoring this when charging.

    If you are storing your battery for a period of time, try to keep an eye on charge levels and maintain it around the 50% mark.

    Unsurprisingly, it’s important you consider the temperature of wherever you are storing the battery. Just like when charging, opt for a moderate temperature if at all possible.

    When transporting your e-bike on a rack, it’s tempting to stick it straight on and head off - particularly after a gruelling ride.

    However, it is well worth removing the battery and transporting it inside your vehicle. Although e-bike batteries are hardy pieces of kit, were it to become detached from the bike due to road conditions or a loose fitting, there is a risk of damage.

    Play it safe.


    How you ride can impact e-bike battery life

    Lithium-ion batteries hold a certain number of charge cycles. 

    The more often you charge your battery, the sooner it is going to need replacing. 

    Power-assist is an incredibly useful (and fun) part of owning and riding an e-bike. However, you may want to consider how much you are using it - and if it’s always necessary.

    Opting for pedal power a little more often will reduce the number of charges you need, and extend your battery life.


    E-bike battery maintenance and health

    We’ve looked at how best practices when it comes to e-bike battery maintenance and health can ensure longer rides and longer lasting batteries.

    It comes down to the principles of lithium batteries - how they discharge over time, the finite number of charge cycles they hold, and how they respond to environmental factors such as temperature.

    We’ve got a little more technical in this article, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team if you’d like to discuss your e-bikes battery or any issues you might be having.

    Remember, all our e-bikes are covered by a full warranty, so shop in confidence.

    February 03, 2022
    Are e-bikes eco friendly? The facts.

    Are e-bikes eco friendly? The facts.

    In 2022, it’s hard to ignore growing global environmental concerns.

    Whether it’s the sequence of ever more regular climate disasters, the stalling of legislation at last autumn's COP26, or concerning levels of air pollution, being eco-friendly at both Governmental and individual levels is becoming more than just something to be desired - but an absolute necessity.

    While some reject the burden for tackling climate change being placed on the individual, it is irrefutable that each one of us can make a difference to our environment and be more eco-friendly. 

    One of the principal ways of reducing your carbon footprint is to drive less. It’s time for bikes to take centre stage! 

    Unsurprisingly, at Eco Bike Co HQ, we’re often asked whether e-bikes are eco friendly. 

    Short answer? Yes! But let’s look at the facts as to why e-bikes are an eco-friendly transport option.

    Zero emissions - cut your carbon footprint with an e-bike

    The link between carbon emissions and global warming is well established. 

    While many things can contribute to your own carbon footprint, including diet and even clothing choices, for many, the use of carbon emitting transport has the biggest impact.

    In the UK, 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from motor vehicles.

    With the IPCC aiming to limit global warming to 1.5°C and the UK Government targeting net zero by 2050 everyone needs to play their part.

    With Statista reporting private vehicle emissions significantly outstripping those of public transport, opting for a zero emission solution such as an e-bike has never been a better idea.

    E-bikes reduced harmful congestion on the roads

    Congestion is a serious issue in the UK. 

    While the multiple lockdowns of the past two years will have skewed traffic data, UK citizens spent 115 hours in traffic in 2019 - at a total cost of £6.9 million - £894 per driver (not far off the price of a brand-new, high-spec e-bike!)

    Traffic increases journey times, in turn increasing the amount of emissions released. Not only is this harmful to the planet, but drivers and passengers suffer, too.

    It’s also been noted that traffic causes significant wear and tear to tarmac surfaces - requiring high-emission, heavy-duty repair vehicles to take to the road.

    Being emission-free, lightweight and barely impacting traffic levels, an e-bike is clearly the eco-friendly option when it comes to harmful congestion.

    Is charging an e-bike from the National Grid eco-friendly?

    Okay, the electricity for charging your e-bike battery has to come from somewhere - and you can’t always guarantee how green this energy is.

    However, we’ve been encouraged to see the energy mix in the UK notably shifting towards renewable sources. 

    Record-breaking levels of green energy use have been recorded, with the National Grid suggesting they will be able to operate the system carbon free by 2025.

    Comparatively, the environmental impact of charging from the National Grid is non-existent when compared to the alternative of using a petrol or diesel vehicle.

    What’s more, as e-bikes continue to become more technologically advanced, their range per charge continues to improve.  Sustainability Times recently reported how even the most basic e-bikes “offer a range of 20-30 miles on a single charge” - a trend we are also seeing at Eco Bike Co. HQ. 

    Increasingly, you’ll find options to charge your bike independently of the grid, using solely renewable energy. For example, this charging station in Tyneside runs exclusively on wind and solar energy with many more such initiatives in the pipeline across the UK.

    But wait, are e-bike batteries eco friendly?

    Lithium batteries, used in most e-bikes and electric cars, have raised some red flags when it comes to the environment.

    There have been legitimate concerns as to how they’re produced, as well as disposed of.

    The lithium mining process has been criticised for its impact on surrounding ecosystems, including water supplies - and issues around worker’s rights have been raised. Additionally, the battery recycling industry is still somewhat emergent.

    Naturally, this is concerning to us at Eco Bike Co. - however, things are changing.

    The composition of minerals in e-bike batteries is shifting to less environmentally impactful combinations, while lithium battery recycling is moving towards greater sustainability.

    The fact of the matter, as stated by David Deak, chief technical officer of Lithium Americas and former Tesla employee, is that while lithium batteries may not be perfect, the huge offsetting potential of carbon emissions through electric vehicles when compared to any kind of hydrocarbon combustion engine, more than mitigates their use.

    What’s more, any negative impacts of a lithium battery can be immediately reduced by ensuring it is used for as long as possible.  There are a variety of ways to extend your e-bike battery’s life, such as charging at a neutral temperature.

    Note: Eco Bike Co. only work with brands whose batteries are produced to the highest environmental and quality standards,

    Are e-bikes eco friendly? Final thoughts

    While there is still work to be done in terms of making e-bike batteries more eco-friendly - we’re really pleased to see significant steps are already being taken in this department.

    Similarly, as the UK’s energy mix continues to become greener, any concerns about charging your e-bike can be alleviated.

    Essentially, e-bikes are almost entirely eco-friendly. An emission-free mode of transport, with negligible impact on congestion and road quality, they’re a no-brainer for individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

    And we’ve not even begun to talk about the other, numerous, benefits of owning an e-bike.

    Why not get in touch with one of our experts today to talk through how an eco-friendly e-bike should be top of your wish-list for 2022?

    January 24, 2022
    Using your e-bike safely: Taking care on the road

    Using your e-bike safely: Taking care on the road

    The Eco Bike Co. team have put our heads together to provide some tips for using your new e-bike safely.
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    New to cycling, or back in the saddle: Our guide

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    If you haven’t been out on your bike in a while, or if you’re new to it entirely, our team have a few tips to get you started.
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