Enhance Your Mountain Biking Experience

Are you looking for a bike to help you navigate rough terrains with minimal effort? You are at the right place! Eco Bike Co. offers you a wide range of electric mountain bike options from the top electric bike manufacturers like Ampere, EZEGO, Westhill and many more.

Over the years, electric mountain bikes have grown in popularity, thanks to the continuous improvements in the design and technology to make the ride comfortable for the rider. The added assistance of a motor in the electric mountain bikes reduces the effort required by the cyclist to climb the uphill terrains and gives them an added boost. 

The design and build quality are also such that they make mounting and dismounting pretty easy. When you choose an electric mountain bike for your next detour, you are bound to experience the difference and comfort you have never experienced before.

Why Choose an Electric Mountain Bike?

More Speed

You no longer have to put in all the effort while cycling; the electric mountain bike's motor assists in powering your legs, allowing you to accelerate to higher speeds and climb the hill faster than you would otherwise be able to.

You can reach your destination in a shorter time if you have a higher speed and cover much more ground. Assume you have time this weekend for an hour-long ride. On a traditional mountain bike, you might only be able to ride 10 miles in an hour. However, you could ride 15 to 18 miles in the same amount of time on an electric mountain bike.

Now multiply that by the number of hours you have available to ride and explore your favourite county trails and all of the additional tracks you could visit. More trails equate to more fun!

Stable Ride

An electric mountain bike will be slightly heavier than a standard mountain bike. This is due to the extra weight the battery & motor add to the bike. , while batteries are usually found along the downtube. 

This means that, while an electric full suspension mountain bike may be larger than a standard bike, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the frame, resulting in a low centre of gravity. 

A low centre of gravity offers significant stability, particularly when riding downhill, resulting in predictable and confident handling.


Let's face it: trail riding is the most thrilling activity you can do on an e-bike. But, while electric mountain bikes are ideal for trail riding, other forms of pedalling can be equally enjoyable.

An electric-assist motor can benefit any bike. It reduces the time and effort required to reach the destination. It also helps you carry the weight of heavy or extra gear if you're planning on riding an all-day epic route or going on backpacking adventures.

Eco Bike Co. - Your One-Stop Shop for E-Bikes!

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We have bikes that are appealing to riders with different needs. Our bicycles have comfortable seats and angled handlebars for easy manoeuvring. You can also low-weight bikes with excellent designs and powerful motors.

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