Electric Mountain Bikes are rapidly rising in popularity in leisure activity, and for a good reason. Riding these bikes is like riding pretty much any other bike. With the added assistance from a motor, you have to exert less effort to achieve the same or even better results, and your joints and back are safe from dangerous impact.

Remember the distinction: electric bikes don't pedal themselves; they make your work easier. If you haven't gotten yourself a good mountain bike, here are a few reasons that might convince you to get one.

More Speed

You no longer have to do all the work; the electric mountain bike's motor helps power your legs, accelerating to higher speeds and taking you up the hill faster than you would otherwise be capable of.

Better Range

You can travel further in a shorter time if you have a higher speed and cover much more ground. Let's pretend you have time for an hour-long ride this weekend. Typically, you might only be able to ride 10 miles on a traditional mountain bike in an hour. With an electric mountain bike, you'd be able to ride 15 to 18 miles in the same amount of time.
Now multiply that by the number of hours you have to ride and explore your favourite county trails; also consider all of the additional tracks you could explore. More trails equate to more enjoyment!

More Stable Ride

A mountain bike will be slightly heavier than a similarly equipped standard mountain bike if all other factors are equal. Motors are found at the bottom of most electric mountain bikes, whereas batteries are usually found along the downtube. This implies that while an electric full suspension mountain bike may be bulkier than a regular bike, the weight is distributed throughout the frame, giving the bike a low centre of gravity. A low centre of gravity provides a significant degree of stability, especially when you are riding downhill, resulting in predictable and confident handling.


Let's face it: the most thrilling activity one can do with an e-bike is trail riding. While electric mountain bikes are especially great for trail riding, other types of pedalling can be pretty enjoyable too.

Any sort of bike can benefit from an electric-assist motor. It makes commuting to work or running errands easier, either in terms of speed or effort. If you're planning on riding an all-day epic route or going on bikepacking adventures, it also helps you carry the weight of heavy or extra gear.

The Eco Bike Company website carries a catalogue of high-quality yet reasonably affordable mountain bikes. These include mens electric bike ranges as well as women's electric mountain bikes, and others that come in smaller or larger frames to make mountain biking accessible to as many people as possible.

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