With the increasing popularity of electric bikes (e-bikes) as a sustainable mode of transportation, many individuals are eager to embrace this eco-friendly solution. However, the upfront cost of purchasing an e-bike can sometimes be a barrier for those on a tight budget. Thankfully, electric bike finance options have emerged, making it easier than ever to own an e-bike without straining your finances.
Electric bike finance allows you to spread out the cost of your e-bike over a period of time, usually through instalment payments. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of owning an e-bike immediately, while easing the financial burden. See below the options that we offer our customers.
Split your purchase over 2-12 monthly instalments using your existing CREDIT CARD (Visa or Mastercard).

Splitit authorises the full amount of the purchase on your existing credit card and reserves the balance from your credit card until final payment is made. You can choose to split your payments over 2-12 monthly instalments all within your payment journey. There’s no added interest or hidden fees, plus you get all the benefits of paying with your existing credit card. 

No additional interest or fees: Splitit allows you to pay for your purchase over time before accruing any interest.

No applications: You use your existing credit card, so there’s no need to create another account.

No credit checks: All you need is the balance available on your credit card.

Instead of doing sneaky credit checks and charging hidden fees, Splitit lets you make monthly payments on the credit you already have—all at your own pace.

  • First Instalment 
  • The first instalment is charged a few seconds after the purchase authorisation.

  • Reauthorisation
  • Splitit reauthorises the outstanding amount when the previous authorisation is about to expire.

  • Pay monthly
  • Splitit will charge your credit card every month until the plan is finished, reducing the hold on your credit line each month by the payment amount.

    Please note:

    • Please ensure that your credit limit is sufficient, otherwise your order will not be successful.

    • Please be advised that your financial institution may charge bank fees for this transaction, please check with your bank regarding these fees.

    • After every payment, the hold on your card is reduced until the purchase is fully paid. In case the re-authorisation for the remaining balance doesn't go through, and there is no solution within the grace period of 7 days, the credit card will be automatically used to recover the full purchase amount. Splitit will inform you about any issues on the payment plan in a timely manner. Please also check your spam folder regularly.

    • The instalments appear on your statement as individual payments. Your order will be processed and delivered as normal upon passing our quality control check. 

    Find out morehttps://www.splitit.com/faq/


    You can also spread the cost of your purchase through Paypal Credit and receive 0% interest for 4 months.


    • Select Paypal at checkout - This will take you though to Paypal’s website.
    • Select ‘Apply Now’ for Paypal Credit. Following your application you should receive an immediate decision.


    • Be at least 18 years of age.

    • Employed or retired with an annual income of £10,000.

    • Be a mainland UK resident.

    • Free of any county court judgements or bankruptcy.

    • Good credit history.

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