Introducing Petite Step Through Electric Bikes: the perfect ride for riders 5'2" and under! These bicycles are designed to provide an enjoyable and comfortable ride for those who are more petite. While other bikes may be too big, these options have frame sizes of 18” or less and smaller 26” or even 24" wheels to ensure an ideal fit for different body types. Plus, the step-through frame design allows you to easily get on and off the bike, making it even more convenient. 


Our bikes come equipped with a reliable electric motor to assist you on your journey, when needed. You can expect smooth shifts between each speed while gliding along effortlessly. The powerful motor coupled with the lightweight petite bike frame makes these bicycles some of the best rides available. As well as being lightweight, these bikes from the likes of Ampere, Westhill, Legend and EZEGO are also very durable and built with high quality parts that stand up against wear and tear - allowing you to ride in confidence.

Petite Step Through Electric Bikes are the ideal cycling choice for riders 5'2" and under looking for a reliable ride offering comfort, control and convenience. If you are searching for the best petite step through electric bikes in the UK market, look no further than The Eco Bike Company, as we have the best range of electric bikes that cater to your unique riding needs.