Emu is one of the leading producers of electric bikes in the UK. Every emu electric bike comes with all the cutting-edge features one would expect from a premium brand. The manufacturer prides itself on the unique design of emu electric bikes and the attention to detail that goes into each product. When you get an electric bike from Emu, you’re getting a package deal of the most premium quality systems and gears in the industry, including;

  • Tektro brakes; 
  • Shimano or Enviolo gears; 
  • Smart. in-frame Samsung batteries;
  • Puncture-resistant tires, etc. 

In our store, you’ll find a variety of electric bike brands and other complementary accessories that suit your taste. Below are brief descriptions of what we believe are the best Emu electric bikes to pick from.

Emu Classic Step-Through Electric Bike

The stunning Emu step-through electric bike is a lovely bike and the go-to for a daily commute, leisurely biking, or cycling for exercise and sport. The bike offers a long battery life that will prolong your range and give you swift pedaling, quality braking mechanisms, and durability. 

The rendition of a step-through electric bike comes with two battery options. The first is a 10.4Ah improved battery with up to 80km of range and the second battery delivers a smooth punch of 100km at 14.5Ah.

Other notable features include:

  • LCD Display
  • A smart battery indicator 
  • Odometer
  • Speed display
  • Five-settings power assist control 

Emu Roam Step-Through Electric Bike

The Emu Roam Step-Through Electric Bike is the way to go for anyone looking to buy a step-through electric bike with all the high-tech specs, impressive build, and sleek design without breaking the bank. It provides a smooth riding experience on most surfaces and is excellent for commuting to work or school and exercising. 

The bike boasts either a 10.4Ah which can give you 45 miles of range or a 14Ah which can provide 55 miles of range— all with only one charge!

Emu Evo Crossbar Electric Bike

This e-bike is the newest member of the line of products offered by the Emu electric bike company. These bikes combine a sleek style with high-quality, lightweight parts, making them a steal.

This Emu electric bike uses state-of-the-art Samsung batteries integrated entirely into the Evo’s frame. To add to this, it weighs only a little over 18 kilos, and because of the powerful punch it packs, thanks to the rear hub motor controlled by the LCD, you’ll be cruising through cities and countryside like never before. 

Emu Evo Step-Through Electric Bike

Finally, we have the Evo step-through bike, which is another new addition to Emu products. As with Emu’s products, this bike is brimming with groundbreaking features and flaunts a unique design. It comes with the best braking mechanisms, gears, and batteries; if that’s not enough equipped with an LCD and integrated safety lights to make your cycling experience incredibly smooth and safe in every weather condition and on any surface. 

Look up Emu electric bikes in our store and browse our whole list of emu products until you find the Emu electric bike that perfectly fits and resonates with your personality.

If you’re still having double thoughts about the brand, consider looking at bikes from Mirider, Ampere, Westhill, E-go and Ezego.