Step-Through Electric Bikes are popular among individuals seeking a comfortable mount and dismount on an electric bike. With a lower centre of gravity (as compared to a step-over bike), unrivaled balance, and the perfect body-weight distribution, a step-through electric bike is designed for long and smooth-riding days on the saddle.

With a step-through electric bike, you can tour through all the hills and forests you want to, without breaking a sweat. These electric bikes are powerful unisex machines that work well on both, on and off-road terrains, all they need is just one proper charge.

What is a Step-Through Electric Bike?

Bicycle frames come in every shape, size, and style for people of all ages, and a step through the ebike is the epitome of comfort and practicality.

Step-through e-bikes are no different from step-over bikes, other than the former’s structural build offering an easy mount and dismount by stepping through the bicycle frame. This also provides the most upright sitting position for a rider and people with physical disabilities can especially appreciate the convenience it provides.

Our step-through electric bikes offer the “best in class” pedal-assist and hydraulic braking system, ensuring maximum comfort for the rider. Delivering excellent control and manoeuvrability, a step-thru electric bike is your perfect partner for day-to-day commutes to the office and urgent grocery runs.

Electric bikes have lately gained popularity among the masses not only for being sustainable and eco-friendly but also for being a fun way to keep your fitness and health in check for both men and women.

Most companies, however, have a homogenous electric bike range, which can limit the choices for women. Their designs do not always take into account feminine body traits and special requirements, but that’s not the case with us. We have an exclusive women's electric bike range that is specially made for all the female adventurers and riders out there.

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Step-Through Electric Bikes for Seniors; Our bikes are all-age-inclusive!

We understand how difficult it can be for a senior rider to use a step-over bike, but that doesn’t mean that your age should dictate your passions! Among other people who could benefit from it, it wouldn’t be wrong to presume that the step-through electric bike was carefully designed to cater to the senior segment of the population.

Electric step-through bikes usually come with angled (and adjustable) handlebars and more comfortable saddles, which give the rider a comfortable and upright sitting position. Fly down the trail with our step-through e-bikes and let us take care of your health. The shape of this e-bike also makes it easy for riders with any impairments to still be able to make use of a bike.

The Eco Bike Company is offering you the best step-through electric bikes on the market, at the most competitive prices too!