What is a Step-through Electric Bike?

Step-through electric bikes fall somewhere between the low-step and the step-over bikes and offer riders the most upright riding position. They have a top tube that slopes downward or has no top tube at all, making it easier for the rider to step through the curved frame.

These bikes are popular among individuals who find it difficult to mount and dismount on a step over a bike. As step-through bikes have a lower centre of gravity (compared to a step-over bike), great balance, and perfect body-weight distribution, they give the best cycling experience to the riders.

Step-through Electric Bikes For The Masses

Step-through bikes are perfect for daily commutes because they provide great control and easy manoeuvring. They also have an excellent pedal-assistance to ensure the rider gets maximum comfort. step-through bikes are available in various designs and can cater to the needs of different individuals. 

Whether the rider has mobility issues, joint limitations or wants a bike that is simple to mount and dismount, a step-through bike can be an excellent choice. 

Electric bikes have recently gained popularity among the general public, not only because they are sustainable and environmentally friendly but also because they are a fun way for both men and women to maintain their fitness and health. 

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Why Choose Eco Bike Co.?

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