Lightweight Electric Bikes For A Comfortable Ride 

E-GO produces compact, lightweight folding bikes for daily commuters. They are affordable and have an excellent build quality. At first glance, they do not even appear to be electric bikes as the battery is hidden below the seat. 

Whether you’re a cyclist looking to ride around town or down country roads, you can search for the E-Go electric bike on the Eco Bike Co. website to find the one that’s right for you. We have some of the most dynamic folding bikes and accessories from E-GO available for purchase on our platform. 

Let’s walk through some of the top-selling products from the manufacturer.  

E-GO Lite

The E-Go lite is a best-seller for a reason. It weighs only 15 kgs, making it one of the lightest folding bikes we offer. 

It also comes with an incredible 6.4Ah/230wh LG battery and has a travel range of up to 50km. The most convenient feature of its battery is that it can be charged inside the seat or removed and charged indoors.

Also, this model comes fully equipped with mudguards, lights, disc brakes, bell & reflector, so you won’t have to spend extra on accessories. 

E-GO Lite+ 

If space and weight aren’t an issue, consider the E-Go Lite+, which can carry more weight. This model is popular among those looking for a sturdy yet compact folding bike.

It has all of the great features of its smaller sibling, the E-Go Lite, but with a more powerful battery, larger wheels, and a higher load capacity. At 18kg, it only stands 3 kilos heavier than the E-GO lite model. With four modes of operation, including walk, pedal power/assistance, cruise, and normal bike mode, it has everything you need for a modern mode of transportation.

E-GO Max 

As with all e-go e-bikes, the unique design incorporates the batteries inside the seat post; at first glance, it does not even appear to be a folding electric bike! The 14Ah/504wh Samsung/LG battery and the 150 kilos payload distinguish the E-Go Max variant from its predecessors, the lite and lite+. 

E-GO Max electric bikes give you an impressive range of up to 90km on most surfaces, and you won’t have to worry about the battery dying in the middle of your commute. 

E-GO Max+ 

The E-GO Max+ folding bike has the sleek, premium design that customers across the UK have come to expect from E-GO electric bikes. It has a 14Ah/504wh Samsung battery and 7 Speed Shimano gears for one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever have.

To determine which E-GO folding electric bike is best for you, browse our extensive selection at Eco Bike Co. to find the bike that meets your specific requirements!