E-go is an electric bike company specializing in producing small, lightweight, and compact folding bikes. Besides that, E-go electric bikes are also the most inexpensive, high-quality folding bikes you’ll find out there. 

Whether you’re a casual cyclist who wants to ride your bike around the city and run errands or do some serious biking up hills and down country trails, most folding electric bikes are an excellent alternative to the traditional electric bike. However, if it’s only the best you’re looking for, look no further than E-go electric bikes; they’re an innovative, compact, reliable, and easy-to-carry-around product that conveniently adds comfort to your everyday life. 

On our site, we carry some of the most dynamic folding bikes from E-go and bike accessories that you can pick and choose from. The following are our picks for the best out of E-Go’s folding electric bikes and what we love about them.  

E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike

First on our list is the ultimate folding bike for easy travel. The E-Go lite is a best-selling product, and for a good reason. It weighs only 15 kilos and this makes it arguably the most compact and light folding bike in the industry. 

Furthermore, it comes with an incredible 6.4Ah LG Lithium-Ion battery that packs a heavy punch and can give you a travel range of up to 50km. The most convenient thing about its battery is that it can be charged inside the seat or taken out of the seat to be charged indoors. 

Finally, this model comes fully equipped with mudguards, lights, disc brakes, bell & reflector, so you won’t have to spend extra on accessories. 

E-Go Lite+ Folding Electric Bike

If the space and weight of a folding bike are not a concern, consider the E-Go Lite+, which carries a bit more load. This model is all the rage among people looking for a strong yet compact folding bike. 

It has all the great features of its little brother, the E-Go Lite, but it comes with a more robust battery, bigger wheels, and a higher load capacity. Surprisingly, it’s still only 3 kilos heavier than the lite at 18kg. 

E-Go Max Folding Electric Bike

E-Go Max is one of the best in the brand’s range of folding bikes, second only to the E-Go Max+. The qualities that set the E-Go Max apart from its predecessors, the lite and lite plus, are the giant lithium-ion battery and the 150 kilos payload. This means you can get an impressive range of up to 90km on most surfaces without worrying about the battery dying on you. 

When dealing with an E-go electric bike, your folding bike won’t even look like a folding bike! The ingenious placing of the batteries inside the seat makes this design feat possible.

E-Go Max+ Folding Electric Bike

The E-Go Max+ is the other successor, along with the E-Go Max, to the lite and lite plus e-go electric bike models. This folding bike will also be more prominent than its predecessors like the E-go max.  

This folding bike comes in the sleek, premium design quality customers worldwide have expected from E-go electric bikes. It boasts a 14Ah Samsung battery and 7 Speed Shimano gears, making for one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience. 

To find which E-go folding electric bike is for you, sift through our catalogues and decide for yourself which bike suits your exact needs!

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