EZEGO is an industry-leading brand that produces some of the UK's most comfortable and durable electric bikes. So whether you're commuting in the city or taking a leisurely ride through the peaceful quiet of the countryside, you can find a bike that matches your needs. 

Every component is hand-picked by the team and rigorously tested in the harshest conditions to ensure the end products are top-quality. With decades of experience in the industry, EZEGO has the knowledge, contacts, and expertise to create market-leading products. 

EZEGO Folding Electric Bikes

EZEGO folding electric bikes are among the most dynamic and versatile folding bikes in the UK. They maximise rider comfort while maintaining a sleek and innovative design.

The EZEGO Folding Electric Bike has quick-release mechanisms that allow you to easily fold its alloy frame and handlebar. In addition, the increased rider range in its seat post upgrade adds a more natural riding experience to this new design. 

It also has a 3D forged alloy folding stem that helps you reduce muscle stress and fatigue, thus giving you a more comfortable riding experience.

EZEGO Trail Destroyer 

At only 21kg, the Trail Destroyer is one of our lightest eMTBs with an integrated battery. In addition, the short-stemmed and wide handlebars on this mountain bike make control and handling more effortless even in the roughest of terrains. 

Also, you won't have to worry about road bumps thanks to the bike's RST Alpha suspension fork. This allows you to comfortably ride through difficult terrain.


The main improvements in EZEGO Step NX from the previous variants of step-through bikes are wider tyres and the addition of a 26" wheel version built around the 16" frame to appeal to a broader audience.

This e-bike is ideal for riders with limited mobility, as it combines the benefits of accessibility and motor assistance, into a single all-encompassing bike.

A Velo Plush saddle and double density grips will keep you comfortable, and the geometry encourages a more upright position to reduce joint stress. If you want to minimise effort and maintenance while not sacrificing performance, go for this super-lightweight 6061 alloy electric bike.


EZEGO listened to their loyal customers and combined the best features of their two best-selling products, the EZEGO folding electric bike and the step-through electric bike, to create the Ezego Fold Ls.

Compared to the classic Fold, this version has a slightly larger frame and a wider saddle for added stability and comfort. The components of the Fold LS have been carefully chosen and selected for maximum performance and minimal weight.

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