E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W

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The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W - the perfect companion for convenient and efficient urban commuting. With its unique seat post housing a powerful LG branded battery, this compact electric bike delivers an impressive range of up to 50km, depending on the mode and conditions.

Designed with versatility in mind, the E-Go Lite features 16" wheels and a single-speed gear system, making it suitable for both motor-assisted and traditional pedalling. The lightweight aluminium frame is not only sturdy but also foldable in just four easy steps, allowing you to store it effortlessly in tight spaces such as trains, caravans, or the trunk of your car.

With four different modes, including walk, pedal assist (with five levels), cruise, and normal bike mode, this electric bike offers a modern and adaptable method of travel.

Choose from three stylish colours - Satin Black, Gloss Red, and Metallic White - to match your personal preference. The E-Go Lite comes fully equipped with essential features, including front and rear mudguards, lights, disc brakes, a bell, and a reflector for added safety.

Weighing just 15kg, this electric bike is remarkably lightweight yet capable of supporting a payload of up to 100kg. The included 6.4Ah LG battery can be easily charged in place or removed for indoor charging. If desired, you can upgrade to a 7Ah Samsung battery for extended riding range.

Experience the convenience and freedom of the E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or exploring the city, this compact and reliable electric bike is your ideal travel companion.

E-Go Lite's are delivered assembled in the box.

Upgraded for 2024! This sleek and efficient electric bike now comes packed with enhanced features to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

New Features: The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W is the ultimate companion for convenient and efficient urban commuting, now with exciting new features for 2024.

Ride with confidence using the LCD Screen with USB Socket, keeping you informed of your speed, battery life, and more. Need to charge your devices on the go? The built-in USB socket has you covered.

Experience precise and powerful braking performance with the new Hydraulic Brakes, ensuring safety and control whether navigating city streets or cruising down hills.

Folding your bike for storage or transport is now easier and more secure, thanks to the added magnets for Secure Folding. Your bike stays neatly folded when not in use.

Illuminate your path with confidence using the updated, brighter Headlight, perfect for early morning commutes or night rides. Be seen and safe on the road.

Charging your bike is now more convenient than ever with the updated Charging Port. Effortlessly plug in and power up for your next adventure.


      1. Max Handlebar Height: 100cm
      2. Min Handlebar Height:85cm
      3. Standover Height:48.5cm
      4. Max Saddle Height:94cm
      5. Min Saddle Height:77cm
      6. Wheelbase: 94cm
      7. Reach: 40cm
      8. Width: 59.5cm

      Please note the E-Go rear rack is not included in the price. 


      How is the frame size measured?

      Most E-bikes are measured from the centre of the crank to the base of the seat post tube. However, some E-bike manufacturers may measure their bikes differently depending on their style. 

      What is the right frame size for me?

      This helpful guide will help you to find which size electric bike is best suited to you. If you would like a bit more information, don't hesitate to get in touch.





      Rider Height Recommended Hybrid Frame Size
      Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
      4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 15" 33 - 39 X-Small
      5'2"" - 5'6"" 158cm - 168cm 15"-16" 38 - 44 Small
      5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" 43 - 47 Medium
      5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19" - 20" 48 - 52 Large
      6'1" - 6'4" 185cm - 193cm 21" - 22" 53 - 57 X-Large
      6'4" - 6'6" 193cm - 198cm 23" - 24" 58 - 61 XX-Large



      Rider Height Recommended Women's Hybrid Frame Size
      Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size
      4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 14" X-Small
      5'2"" - 5'6"" 158cm - 168cm 15" - 16" Small
      5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" Medium
      5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19"+ Large





      Rider Height Recommended Mountain Frame Size
      Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
      4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 14" 33 - 37 X-Small
      5'2"" - 5'6"" 158cm - 168cm 15" - 16" 38 - 42 Small
      5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" 43 - 47 Medium
      5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19" - 20" 48 - 52 Large
      6'1" - 6'4" 185cm - 193cm 21" - 22" 53 - 57 X-Large
      6'4" - 6'6" 193cm - 198cm 23" - 24" 58 - 61 XX-Large



      Rider Height Recommended Women's Mountain Frame Size
      Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size
      4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 14" X-Small
      5'2" - 5'6" 158cm - 168cm 15" - 16" Small
      5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" Medium
      5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19"+ Large





      Rider Height Suggested Commuter Bike Size
      Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
      4'10" - 5'0" 148cm - 152cm 47cm - 48cm XX-Small
      5'0" - 5'3" 152cm - 160cm 49cm - 50cm X-Small
      5'3" - 5'6" 160cm - 168cm 51cm - 53cm Small
      5'6" - 5'9" 168cm - 175cm 54cm - 55cm Medium
      5'9" - 6'0" 175cm - 183cm 56cm - 58cm Large
      6'0" - 6'3" 183cm - 191cm 58cm - 60cm X-Large
      6'3" - 6'6" 191cm - 198cm 61cm - 63cm XX-Large



      Rider Height Suggested Women's Commuter Frame Size
      Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
      4'10" - 5'1" 147cm - 155cm 44cm - 46cm XX-Small
      5'1" - 5'3" 155cm - 160cm 47cm - 49cm X-Small
      5'3" - 5'5" 160cm - 165cm 50cm - 52cm Small
      5'5" - 5'8" 165cm - 172cm 53cm - 55cm Medium
      5'8" - 5'10" 172cm - 180cm 56cm - 57cm Large



      Lightweight Frame

      The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W stands out as one of the lightest electric bikes available on our site, weighing a mere 15kg. Its lightweight construction offers significant advantages for urban commuters and travellers alike.

      Foldable in 4 steps

      The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering a hassle-free folding mechanism that can be accomplished in just four simple steps. This intuitive folding process ensures convenience and ease of use for riders of all levels of experience.

      Integrated Battery

      The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W features a cleverly integrated battery system that is discreetly concealed within the seat post. This innovative design not only adds to the bike's sleek and streamlined appearance but also ensures optimal weight distribution and improved balance during your rides.

      Single speed gear set

      The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W offers the perfect balance of simplicity and versatility with its single-speed design. This thoughtful feature ensures that the bike is well-suited for use with or without the motor, providing a seamless and enjoyable riding experience for all.

      16" Tyres

      The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W is designed to be small and compact, making it the perfect companion for urban commutes, travels, and adventures. Its 16" wheels contribute to its compact size, allowing for easy manoeuvrability and convenient storage in tight spaces.

      LCD Display

      The E-Go Lite Folding Electric Bike 250W comes equipped with a user-friendly LCD screen and offers a versatile riding experience with its four different modes. This advanced display provides you with valuable information about your ride and allows you to effortlessly customize your cycling experience.


      Battery and Range
      6.4Ah LG Battery (upgradable to 7Ah Samsung) Range: Up to 30 Miles ** Range according to battery capacity. It is also dependent on the different riding conditions - terrain, rider weight, tyre pressure, headwind etc.
      250W 36V
      Folded Size
      Pedal Assist, Cruise, Walk, Standard Bike Mode
      Mechanical Disc Brakes
      LCD Display
      Front and rear lights, mudguards, bell and reflector
      Max Rider Weight
      12 month warranty against manufacturing and material defects. This does not cover normal wear and tear, damage/failure due to an accident, incidental or consequential damage or any use of the product that is inconsistent with the operating instructions as laid out in the user manual.
      Cancelling your order: If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us immediately at info@ecobikecompany.com or on 0333 050 3189. Please include your order number when contacting us. If your order has not yet left the manufacturer's warehouse, we should be able to stop it shipping, and issue you a refund immediately. Please note –  when returning a product, it must be returned in ‘as new’ condition, with all components included, in their original packaging. There will be a charge for the return. Returns - Changed your mind If you change your mind after buying from us and want a refund, you have up to 14 days to let us know and have the goods returned to us. You will need to return the product to us before we can provide a refund. Eco Bike Co. can help arrange the return for a charge of £50 - a courier will be sent to pick it up from you & return it to the manufacturer.   Please note –  the 14 days return period is to allow you to examine the goods as you would in a shop. To obtain a full refund, the goods must be returned in an “as new” condition with all components included in their original packaging. “As new” condition is defined as unridden. Returns - Damages & Faulty We ask that you thoroughly inspect all items at the point of delivery. We advise you not to accept delivery of any damaged items. If you discover that an item has been damaged, please send clear photos of the damaged items to info@ecobikecompany.com so that we can open an insurance claim on your behalf. If your bike develops a fault through normal use (as outlined in the manufacturer's manual) you could be entitled to a repair or replacement as covered with the warranty. Please send through details of the fault to info@ecobikecompany.com and we will arrange the repair or replacement with the manufacturer. Please note –  any fault caused due to misuse of the bike is not covered by this policy. Please ensure you read the manufacturer's manual in detail before using your electric bike to avoid voiding your warranty.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews
      Patricia Waller
      Excellent customer service and very helpful

      From the moment I spoke to the sales team I was very happy
      What is the icing on the cake is that the e-go bike is an excellent little bike too. Very happy customer

      Julie Hilton
      Good about town/short distance bike

      Lovely looking bike folds easily and can push along using handle bars. It’s heavier than expected but still portable. It’s quite a hard ride and because the battery is in the seat post this can’t be changed by changing for a suspension post.The motor is quite noisy compared to my emu bike. There are NO instructions on putting this bike together which is a major problem for people like me who have no clue about this kind of thing. It will be fine for about town which is what I’ve bought it for.

      John Tambs
      First class

      Excellent blke first class service from all of the staff Highly recommend this bike to every one

      Great bike

      Purchased this for my husband who recently had surgery on his knee and was struggling using a manual bike. He’s delighted with it. Struggled a bit with assembly as instructions were a little vague but overall it’s a great bike.

      Marianne Tuck
      Great lightweight bike⁷

      Great bike, easy to ride single speed. No complicated gears. Great if you're back to biking later in life

      Sheree Gray
      Impressive wee bike

      Pritty impressive ebike for what it is!I have a specialized levo comp ebike for down hill cycling so I know a bit about them.
      This is a great wee bike for city commuting, shopping, visiting relatives you can take this bike anywhere.
      Of course I did try out it limits 😜 I got 30.8 miles an hour on a smooth road going down hill so it's a pretty sturdy bike, but didn't manage going up a 20 degree hill , which I didn't really expect it would,a slow long climb up hill no problems.
      Really comfy ride, unless your going over rough ground fast then understandably it's bumpy.
      Chuffed with my free bike rack thanks 👍 makes shopping so much easier 😊
      I had the bike on setting 5 most of the time and I got 15miles, the battery still had a wee bit to go.
      This wee bike is a treat.
      I love it 💖

      Brilliant ebike

      I love this bike..thought long & hard but wish I'd got it year or so sooner ..it's a life changer...the service is the best I've ever encountered , & response to any question is almost instant Bike delivered 2 days after ordered..fully built as requested no extra charge...I'm just short of 71yrs & not tech saffy so I've asked lots of questions...all answered quickly & really felt it was not to much trouble..I live in a hilly area in Dorset & the pedal assist is just amazing & makes it a joy to get up those hills with ease .
      Thank you to the team for making my life so much easier...& I really mean it ..

      Dale Hudson
      Easy to ride

      Love my bike. Easy to ride and the small uphill toads of Brighton are no problem now. Super speedy!

      Carolyn Evans
      My new E-go lite

      I am really happy with my bike. Ordering was easy and response to questions quick and professional. The delivery was quick and I was able to track it online.
      The Ego-lite is very easy to fold and transport. Perfect for me.
      I havent ridden a bike for years and although a bit wobbly to start with I am really enjoying getting out and about. I'm pleased I bought the Fat bum seat, much kinder.
      Im looking forward to some new adventures.

      Angela Isbister
      Great Bike

      I have been very pleased with the bike, it was delivered very promptly. When I found the promised free carrier had not been included, Eco-Bike very quickly arranged for its delivery. Like others, I did find fitting the back mudguard stays difficult, but managed with another pair of hands. The battery charged within 3 hours.
      As I had not ridden for several years I appreciated the simplicity of the controls and easy to read screen and was soon pedalling around my village which is hilly!
      I hope to put it in the car and take the bike on holiday very soon.