It’s a sad reality that bike theft is a common occurrence across the country.

Distinctly desirable, increasingly popular, and generally coming in at a higher price point than most non-electric bikes, electric bikes make attractive targets to thieves.

Whether a thief is after an entire bike, or simply unsecured items and parts, it is possible to take steps to limit the likelihood of your bike or accessories being stolen.

Read on for our overview on how to protect your e-bike from theft.

Don’t skimp: Invest in security

Cycling doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. Once you have your e-bike, flashy accessories and clothing are firmly down to user preference.
However, there is one thing you do need to buy: a quality lock.

Cheap bike locks are a false economy. Experienced thieves will have no trouble in either picking basic locks or cutting through anything flimsy material-wise.
If a lock is so secure that the thief will have to destroy the bike in order to get hold of it – they’re likely to move on.

At Eco Bike Co. we work with a number of bike lock suppliers. Without paying any heed to upselling, and regrettably speaking from experience, it’s generally considered best practice to use at least two locks on your bike (particularly if you want to lock portable accessories and wheels).

If you’re unsure what lock is appropriate for your e-bike or want to understand our range a little better, get in touch and we will go through them with you.

There are further security investments you can make. Devices such as ImmobiTag Electronic Cycle Protection tools, and subtle GPS trackers, may be worth considering for additional peace of mind – but most cyclists will agree, nothing can assure security like a top-of-the-range lock.

Remove items that are portable

So, you’re running late.

You’ve locked your bike and are dashing into the meeting, social gathering or restaurant.


If you’re riding an e-bike, you should be taking the battery inside with you. You can lock it up, but why leave out anything to catch the eye of a thief?
Similarly, don’t leave valuables within your panniers, and if your bike has integrated tech attached to the handlebars, it’d be foolish to leave it in place.
While this may all seem a lot of extra hassle, travelling with a light-weight cycling backpack is normally enough to store any accessories once you leave your bike locked up.

Accessories, as much as we love them, draw attention to your bike – and that should be avoided.

Consider where you’re leaving your electric bike

Depending on where you are, there may be limited options in terms of where you can lock up your e-bike.

There are some fundamentals to consider, though, whenever possible.
Ideally leave your bike somewhere public. A thief is less likely to strike when there are passers-by to act as witnesses.

At night, make sure your bike is left somewhere well lit. Ideally, if there is CCTV coverage too, your bike is going to suddenly look a lot less attractive to a potential thief.

If you’re a commuter, it’s worth considering varying where you leave your bike. It’s known that certain thieves will observe popular bike parking places over time, probing for opportunities. By switching up positions, you limit the chance of drawing attention to your bike.

As for returning home – not everyone has space to keep a bike inside, but if you do, we strongly recommend it.

Should the worst happen: Insurance and features

Unfortunately, even after taking all the precautions described in this article, you could still find your bike stolen.

Electric bikes are extremely valuable, and it is worth considering whether purchasing insurance is an appropriate step in order to provide at least a degree of reassurance.

It’s also worth jotting down your bike’s serial number and being aware of any unique features to it (perhaps customisations you’ve made, or dare we say, scratches) as this might help the police to identify it should you report it stolen.

How to protect your e-bike from theft

We wish there were a simple solution to the problem of bike theft.

There isn’t – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to protect your e-bike from being stolen.

By simply following the advice above, you are far more likely to keep your e-bike than see it stolen.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above in more detail, give us a call.

Wishing safe (and secure) riding to you all.

May 11, 2021