So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought yourself an e-bike. We may not be impartial, but we are confident you won’t be regretting it.

One of the first things proud new owners want to know after purchase is how to look after your e-bike.

In this blog, we touch on the maintenance essentials to keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently.

The basics: Keep your bike clean

Let’s start simple. Keep your bike clean.

We’ve all been there: the end of a long ride in the countryside, or finally home from the office after a late commute. The last thing you feel like doing is getting on your hands and knees and giving your bike a scrub.

But muck and dirt aren’t just a potential electronics issue, they can cause performance problems for all kinds of bikes. A simple clean can prevent a far more serious mechanical problem from developing down the line – so don’t shirk the job.

There are plenty of cleaning products available when it comes to bike washing, but you won’t do any harm with dish soap, warm water, and a sponge.
Electric bikes are water-resistant, but we’d suggest removing the battery before getting started for peace of mind.

Now, you may get away with hosing down your bike – but don’t use a pressure washer. However quick and satisfying it might be to use, it can strip away the oils and lubricants that keep your bike working.

The electrics: Looking after your battery and motor

It’s likely that looking after your e-bike battery and the motor will be front of mind when it comes to maintenance.

Regarding your battery, common sense applies: never ever try to disassemble it.
If you think there is a fundamental issue with your electric bike’s battery, it’s time to seek specialist advice. Of course, the Eco Bike Co. team are happy to point you in the right direction with this.

We only work with brands whose batteries are produced to the highest standards, yet a couple of tricks can enhance their usage.

When you’re not riding or charging, keep your battery inside – ideally in place with a neutral temperature. Lithium-ion batteries, and others, can be impacted by temperature (both excessively high and low). Charging at a high, or low, temperature could affect battery life.

Consider how often you are charging your bike. While we ourselves are all pretty trigger happy when it comes to power-assist, you should only charge your battery when you need to (and yes – that might mean a bit more pedal power is required). This is due to the fundamental nature of how battery capacity cycles work.

Although you may notice a little wear and tear over time, problems with e-bike motors are very rare. They’re self-contained and like the other core components in our e-bikes, are premium items. Should a motor problem occur, it should be dealt with by a specialist.

If you can maintain a bike, you can maintain an e-bike

Whatever your cycling ability, and irrespective of how often you ride, it’s worth clueing up on the basics of bike maintenance.

Punctures, gear issues, brake cables requiring replacement… These are problems all cyclists face, whatever type of bike they ride.

There’s plenty of online information, including on YouTube with step-by-step guides to fixing the most common bike problems.

In terms of investment, a basic tool kit is generally all you’ll require to fix simple problems. If you’re part of a cycling club or live close to a local bike shop, it’s likely there’ll be plenty of friendly advice available there for you too.

Electric Bike | Eco Bike Company

An Eco Bike Co. electric bike is future-proofed

The bikes that we sell are made to last. While any piece of powered, sporting equipment is going to require regular basic maintenance, you should not expect any issues with your purchase.

If you are concerned something isn’t right with your electric bike or scooter after purchase, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team who will do whatever they can to put things right.

As an authorised dealer for each of the top-of-the-range brands listed on our website, Eco Bike Co. offer full manufacturer warranties on all our orders. If something isn’t right, between ourselves and the brand – we’ll get it sorted – and ASAP.

Electric Bike | Eco Bike Co

Looking after your e-bike

It’s a high-spec, high-ticket item – it would be odd not to be wondering how best to look after your e-bike.

However, you don’t need to be an engineer or have a lot of cycling experience to keep your electric bike in good running order.

As well as plenty of online resources dedicated to bike maintenance, the riding community (including ourselves) are there to support you if you have any questions or queries.

Happy riding!

May 04, 2021