Although e-bikes can be ridden whatever the weather, you really can’t beat a bike ride on a summer’s day.

2022 has been a great year for e-bikes with new and updated models launching across a range of brands - so much so, if you’re new to electric bikes,  you may want to check out our guide to choosing the right one.

But in this blog we’re focusing on this summer’s selection.

Picking out just five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer is a really tough ask. We pride ourselves in selling only what we consider to be the best available UK e-bikes - but after much deliberation,  we came up with the following list.

In no particular order, check out the five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer.

The Ampere X-Trail

If you’re planning on hitting the trails, or simply getting off-road this summer, you can’t do much better than the Ampere X-Trail.

It’s designed with tough routes in mind. Puncture-resistant tyres and “best in class” Shimano gears make the X-Trail well-adapted to tricky terrain - but it’s the motor and battery set up that makes this a truly stand-out mountain e-bike.

With an exceptionally powerful 65NM motor, the X-Trail makes climbing hills as fun as bombing back down them. 

The X-Trail’s battery is mounted centrally, and in-tube, aiding stability. There are two options available - 10Ah or 13Ah. Fully charged, the 13Ah offers a range of a whopping 55 miles, meaning long, worry-free, days out.

What’s more, the X-Trail offers serious value for money. As one of our customers, John, stated: “Very happy with my purchase… [I] was a little concerned as the price is very competitive that it wouldn't be as good as it is!”

The X-Trail is covered by a one-year warranty, so you can ride with confidence, wherever you are.

Check out the Ampere X-Trail now.

Emu Classic Step Through or Crossbar

We’re big fans of Emu e-bikes and the Emu Classic is arguably one of the most versatile electric bikes on the market.

The Emu Classic comes in two models - step-through or crossbar - depending on your personal preference. Performance-wise, there’s no difference.

There’s a lot to like about the Emu Classic. You have multiple battery options and when paired with its  Smart Battery Management System, it offers a range of up to 65 miles. 

With a 250-watt motor, hills aren’t ever going to be an issue, while riders often comment how surprised they are at its quietness.

What really makes the Emu Classic stand out is the Enviolo hub gear system. This revolutionary system allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. Expect an incredibly smooth, noise-free ride. Thanks to its encased hub, the Enviolo hub requires virtually no maintenance.

You generally only find an Enviolo system in the most expensive bikes, making the Emu Classic an even better choice this summer.

 The Ampere Deluxe 

Meet the Ampere Deluxe, our best selling step-through e-bike.

This bike blends practicality with power. 

Considering its significant range of up to 55 miles, and powerful 65NM motor, it’s notably lightweight at just 22kg.

Despite its weight, Ampere have cut no corners when it comes to the frame, which is robust and sturdy, making it suitable for both trail and city riding.

It’s hard to ignore how good this bike looks. Sleek and stylish in either light blue or grey, the Ampere Deluxe will be drawing plenty of admiring glances this summer.

At an exceptional price point, the Ampere Deluxe looks set to continue as our best-selling step-through this summer. The reviews speak for themselves… 

The E-Go Max Plus

No list of e-bikes that are exciting us this summer would be complete without the E-Go Max Plus.

While the E-Go foldable range has been a firm favourite of ours for some time, the Max Plus model has got us seriously excited.

The Max Plus is equipped with the same powerful motor, innovative seat-post battery and best-in-class gears and brakes as the max  - but what makes it stand out are its 4.25" fat tyres. 

Unlike most e-bikes, the E-Go Max Plus is perfectly suited to sand, trails and other unstable terrain.

Check it out in action at West Wittering - that could be you this summer! 


Five e-bikes that are exciting us this summer


All five of these e-bikes are exceptional. Choosing between them comes down to personal preference and your circumstances. 


For commuting you might find the Ampere Deluxe one is the ideal choice, whereas cross-country enthusiasts will likely be eyeing up the Ampere X-trail.


If you’d like more information about any of the e-bikes detailed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

April 05, 2022