Choosing the right e-bike isn’t a decision to be rushed.

The variety of types of electric bike continues to grow, with new brands and products coming into the market with regularity.

Here at Eco Bike Co., we work across the whole spectrum of electric bikes and scooters and guiding our customers to choose the right e-bike is central to our service. Being e-bike enthusiasts, you can imagine the debates about our own e-bike choices at HQ are pretty frequent, too!

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer; a glance at our bestsellers page shows how even among our most popular models there is plenty of variation.

For this article, the office team have discussed our top tips for buying the perfect e-bike for you. Read on for more.

What are your cycling needs?

Perhaps you’ve been out-of-the-saddle for some time and are looking for an e-bike that combines stability, with enough motor power to support your developing fitness.

Alternatively, if trails and steep climbs are your thing, it’s likely you’re going to be looking for an electric bike that is high-spec enough to take your two-wheeled adventures to the next level.

Eco Bike Co. offer multiple e-bike collections. Some, such as our top-of-the-range EMTBs, are designed with a specific purpose in mind: challenging off-road cycling. Similarly, our fat tyre e-bike models might lend themselves best to riders who want to take on tricky terrain with reassuring stability.

However, most of our electric bikes are versatile. Different frame styles, motors and batteries can be found across a broad selection of our e-bikes. It’s worth asking yourself:

  • Am I principally planning to use my electric bike on roads?
  • How is my fitness? What sort of power assist is appropriate?
  • Would a particular frame style e.g. “step through” be most practical?

Considering these questions will provide a starting point in choosing the right e-bike for you.

Commuters: How important is portability?

There’s significant demand from commuters for electric bikes. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to driving as well as the majority of public transport and make journeys (that would have been too long on a regular bike) achievable.
But depending on your route to work, you may have different requirements for your e-bike.

For example, should part of your commute be via train, you’ll likely want to consider a foldable e-bike. Indeed, at certain times of day, most train companies will only allow for such cycles on board due to space considerations.

Similarly, you’ll want to look at the different weights of the electric bikes on the market – a lighter-end model might offer the enhanced portability you need.

If you’re planning to cycle the entire length of your commute, portability may come second to battery and motor specifications (particularly if you are facing a hilly route!)

Ask questions: Advice from e-bike experts is valuable

An electric bike is an advanced piece of tech – bringing innovation and practicality seamlessly together.

You wouldn’t be expected to know the ins and outs of other high-tech appliances and equipment you purchase, so be sure to take advice before making a purchase.

At Eco Bike Co., we find that customers particularly want additional information on the advantages of the different battery sizes, motor placements and charging functionality that the various models and brands offer.

Similarly, whether riding an e-bike or regular cycle, it’s important to get the frame size right to ensure comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Use our expertise! Our team will be able to advise you.

No question or query is too big or small for our customer service team – and the chances are it has been asked before.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to chat about choosing the right e-bike. We’re available by phone 12 hours a day as well as continually monitoring our live chat and customer service emails.

Be sure to choose the right retailer for your e-bike

We’ve mentioned that an electric bike is a high-spec product, and resultantly, it can make for a fairly sizeable financial investment.

It’s really important that you feel 100% confident in both the retailer and the brand you’re purchasing from.

With new brands and sellers emerging at a considerable rate, it’s important to look for a retailer with a track record.

Check their review page: how have other customers fared?

At Eco Bike Co. we’re really proud of the number of satisfied e-bike buyers we’ve helped get riding.

We’re also utterly forensic when it comes to choosing the brands we partner with. Unless an e-bike brand can demonstrate the same brand values as us (impeccable quality in product and customer service), we won’t be working with them.

Choosing the right e-bike isn’t a quick decision, and it’s crucial that you purchase from a retailer who can provide aftercare if necessary. At Eco Bike Co. we can offer full manufacturer warranties on all our orders as we're an authorised dealer for each brand listed on the website.

Consider your budget: Pay for what you need

With Eco Bike Co., we strive to ensure the price is right.

We work closely with our brands to be able to provide the best price to our customers – and we’re so confident in our pricing that if you find a lower price on the same stocked item, we'll make sure we match it and even throw in a free gift.

After browsing, you’ll realise there is some disparity in pricing among e-bikes. While all our electric bikes come with our quality assurance, different price tiers signify differing features such as smartphone integration or motor specifications.

For some riders, these features will be essential, but for others, maybe superfluous. Our recommendation – chat with an e-bike rider and agree on what’s right for your situation.

Choosing the right e-bike: Summing up

We’ve shared five of our top tips for choosing the right e-bike.

Having a good idea of what you intend to use your e-bike for is a great starting point. After that, finding a retailer you can trust and being able to have your queries answered is key.

Don’t rush, take advice and pay the right price.

For more help, you know where we are. Happy riding.

April 20, 2021