The Scottish E-Bike Grant Fund is available to both businesses and individuals to encourage the use of low carbon transport options such as electric bikes. These funds are the latest in a range of measures the Scottish Government is introducing to encourage sustainable travel. 

What can I borrow?


  • The eBike loan is for up to £6,000 and covers the following (per household):
  • 2 x eBikes capped at £3,000 each
  • 1 x Family eCargo bike capped at £6,000


  • Interest-free loans of up to £30,000 are available to Scottish businesses:
  • New eBike(s) up to £3,000 per bike
  • New eCargo bike(s) up to £6,000 per bike

How do I apply?

You can apply via the Scottish Government Energy Saving Trust Scheme.
For more information and to make an application, you can call Home Energy Scotland on freephone 0808 808 2282.
STEP 1: Choose your bike.
Choose a bike from our large range. Not sure where to start? Get in touch.
Once you know which bike you want, let us know and we'll email you a quote in pdf format.
STEP 2: Process application
Call 0808 808 2282 to get your application form. Fill in the form and return along with our quote so your E-Bike grant can be processed.
STEP 3: We deliver your bike
The Energy Saving Trust will send you the total amount via Bank Transfer. You then pay us and we proceed to deliver the bike to your door.
Please note:
With the exception of an initial deposit, applicants must not make any other payment towards the purchase of the ebike(s) before receiving a loan offer under this programme as funding is not provided retrospectively.
The purchased E-bike must comply with the UK Government’s eligibility criteria for Scotland.
If you have any questions you can call the Scottish Government Energy Saving Trust Scheme for free on 0808 808 2282.