Fat Tyre Electric Bikes by Synch 

On the look-out for an unlike any other fat tyre electric bike experience? Look no further than Synch. If you're looking to make a statement and ride in style, Synch is the perfect choice. This range of retro eBikes come in 3 striking colours, Customise your ride with a range of accessories, including head lights, mud guards and stylish seat covers - perfect for those who love to stand out! So whether you're biking casually around town or on your weekend adventures, take Synch with you - they are guaranteed to make your ride extraordinary!

Synch Super Monkey Electric Bike

The Synch Super Monkey is the perfect companion for your journey, boasting a fully adjustable front suspension setup and angle-adjustable handlebars - tailored to you. Whether that's an easy ride along coastal trails or some more adventurous off-road tracks, this bike delivers ultimate smiles mile after mile! The 250w motor comes as standard but we also do offer more powerful options for private land use only – get in touch with us today to find out how!