Electric Bikes That are Foldable and Fun to Ride

If you want a fun, great value, and beautifully designed electric folding bike packed with features, look no further than MiRider One. The third generation MiRider One has the same stylish design and build quality as the previous models, but with some notable improvements. 

  • Longer telescopic adjustable seat post for small and even taller riders
  • Beautiful new ultra-lightweight spoked wheels with black aero rim
  • Brand new Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser, made from renewable and recycled raw materials
  • New 2-finger brake levers for improved precision and modulation
  • Less worry with pre-installed puncture protection fluid
  • New soft-touch handlebar grips with anti-fatigue hand rest
  • Substantial 1.5kg weight saving - now only 17.3kg
  • Quiet motor with more torque, improved efficiency and battery range
  • New 7ah Battery which gives you a range of 45-50 miles on a single charge

As you would expect from any folding bike, The MiRiDER One folds up quickly and easily. So whether you're commuting, going on vacation, or taking a ride along the coast, the MiRiDER One folds compactly and securely, fitting easily into your car boot and even taking public transportation without a reservation.

Innovative Design and Great Comfort

The innovative frame is die-cast, which eliminates the need for traditional welding and results in a sleek, enviable chassis. In addition, the frame is made of aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, which makes it impressively lightweight while providing excellent shock and corrosion resistance.

The latest sine-wave controller makes the MiRiDER One feel smooth, responsive, and powerful. The powerful 250w rear hub motor helps you pedal up to 15.5mph. For those steep hills or windy days, a thumb throttle assists up to 4 mph (when not pedalled) and doubles as a boost button up to 15.5 mph (when pedalled). Its rear shock absorber and medium-width Schwalbe tyres provide a consistently comfortable ride that will have you smiling.

Here are some of the editions of MiRiDER One that you can find on Eco Bike Co. website :

  • CAMO EDITION: Complete with custom graphics and Schwalbe Mad Mike chunky tyres.
  • UNION EDITION: Complete with custom graphics and comfort saddle with the integrated rear light.
  • PIXEL EDITION: based upon a White MiRiDER One and fitted with Schwalbe chunky tyres.
  • PIXEL COLOUR EDITION: based upon a White MiRiDER One with a new comfort saddle with the integrated rear light.
  • GEO EDITION: based upon an Orange MiRiDER One fitted with the MiRiDER comfort saddle with integral rear light and Schwalbe chunky tyres.

Why Choose a MiRIDER Ebike?

MiRiDER bikes are built in the UK to meet the industry's high-quality standards. Every aspect of the MiRiDER One has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure that it exceeds the quality expectations of the rider. Every step, from the bare frame to the assembly and finally the tape that seals the box, is carried out to give the buyer the most satisfying experience.

The Ecobike Company allows you to explore a wide range of electric bikes and compare them on a single platform. By offering quality products, easy checkouts, and faster delivery times, we will ensure that you have the best experience buying an electric bike in the UK.