Mirider, a family-run business situated in the heart of Lancashire, is one of the top e-bike manufacturers in the industry today. Backed by people with a myriad of dynamic expertise gained from various trades and industries, Mirider has made a name for itself in the world of electric bikes and outdoor recreational cycling. The company seeks to rekindle people’s enthusiasm for cycling by making it more enjoyable and accessible. 

In addition to their crowning mirider ebike, the company is also renowned for its premium quality e-bike accessories and components. All of these, along with some of the best products from A-line Mirider e-bike can be found on our website. Below we’ll briefly outline two of what we think are the most worthwhile Mirider products. 

Mirider One Folding Electric Bike - 2020 Version

Crafted intricately to be the perfect folding bike, the Mirider One combines superior design, build quality, and cutting-edge technology. This Mirider electric bike provides an enjoyable experience accessible to anyone of any age and can easily fit into most lifestyles. 

The Mirider one is brimming with practical design features such as; 

  • Adjustable seat post to be adjusted to the height of the rider 
  • Adjustable handlebar for better stability 
  • Newest sine wave controller for swift power delivery.
  • Onboard computer with five levels of power settings.
  • Clarks disc brakes for a smoother riding experience 
  • More extended rear mudguard to protect the rider from splashes 

Thanks to the latest sine wave controller, the Mirider e-bike feels smooth, responsive, and firm. When you’re biking outdoors on windy days or are braving a steep climb, there is a thumb throttle and boost feature to assist your ride. The bike’s rear shock absorber and medium-width tyre types make for a comfortable riding experience even in cities.

Mirider One Folding Electric Bike - 2022 Version

The MiRider One 3rd generation has the same elegant look, fantastic riding, and build quality as the previous model, but with some notable enhancements. Look no further if you’re seeking a fun, affordable, and well-designed folding electric bike with several user-friendly features. 

A few notable changes from the 2020 version of the Mirider One include: 

  • Depending on the height of the rider, a longer telescopic adjustable seat post is available
  • Stunning new wheels with a black aero rim
  • Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser tyres created from renewable and recyclable materials
  • Improved accuracy and modulation with new two-finger brake levers
  • Pre-installed puncture protection fluid 
  • Anti-fatigue hand rest and improved super soft handlebar grips
  • A significant reduction in weight of 1.5kg - now weighing only 17.3kg!
  • Silent motor with increased torque, efficiency gains, and extra battery range
  • The New 7ah battery provides 45-50 miles of range on one full charge

The unique frame is die-cast, eliminating the need for conventional welding and resulting in a sleek, appealing chassis. The structure is composed of aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, making it remarkably lightweight while providing resistance to shock and corrosion.

Please go through our store and browse our whole list of products until you find the Mirider e-bike that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and blends right in with your personality.

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