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City-dwellers will have been hard pushed to have not noticed an electric scooter gliding serenely by at some point in the past 12 months.

The meteoric rise in popularity and demand for electric scooters is understandable.

Massively portable, and lighter than a foldable e-bike, e-scooters are arguably the most versatile powered transport solution in 2021.

Whether you’re tight on storage space at home, or need e-transport that can be picked up and carried, our top-of-the-range electric scooters are for you.

Eco-friendly, and a lot more fun than the bus, an electric scooter can revolutionise your commute, trips to the shop and visits to friends.

Given the range of electric scooters we offer at Eco Bike Co., it’s worth getting in touch to discuss the various advantages of the different models. We’ll also be able to talk you through the rules and regs for taking your electric scooter out - and crucially, how to stay safe.

Note: all purchases of electric scooters made via Eco Bike Co. come with full manufacturer warranties as well as free UK-wide delivery.