Avaris 3.6 Electric Assist Hybrid Road eBike 250W

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The brand new Avaris 3.6 Road eBike is the latest version of the stylish, lightweight electric bike – built for everything from eco-friendly commutes, leisurely rides, exciting adventures, or building your fitness levels at your own pace. With an impressive run time of 60-80KM, plus a removable battery you can recharge on the go.

Avaris have listened to their customers and upgraded multiple features on the eBike. You can choose whether or not to purchase the Avaris 3.6 Road eBike with stylish and durable built-in mudguards, protecting you, your eBike and others in wet and muddy conditions. The enhanced display interface is now easier to see and use, with a new-and-improved tracking system to monitor journeys and progress. Riders can do this through the ‘Key Disp’ App, thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities on the eBike.

The new model has an improved Shimano gearing system, now with 16 gears. Use as little or as much support as you need using the handy dual-control lever, which also controls the brakes. The reliable braking system has been updated for increased wet weather performance. With these higher spec components, a trip on this versatile electric bike will be smoother than ever before.

The model comes in four frame sizes and will be delivered straight to your door 95% assembled – so whether you’re new to cycling and this is your first bike, or you’re an adrenaline junkie, this multipurpose eBike will have you exploring in no time.

Samsung Battery - The Samsung battery is truly the brains behind this beautiful machine. It offers 5 levels of assistance, which will transform your riding experience – particularly when riding on hilly terrain. Level 1 will make riding slightly easier than a normal bike, whilst level 5 will make your journey a breeze. With a battery life which will allow you to ride for up to 60-80 K per charge and a charge time of 3 – 5 hours, you can easily and regularly enjoy long rides on your electric bike without worrying about running out of battery.

Improved Display - Your display will keep you motivated, accountable and on track for every ride. The new improved Avaris display is bigger than the previous display at 3.5 inch. The interface of the screen has been updated to make it easier to see and use. Plus, the communication protocol and options for tracking have improved. The new display performs like a high-end cycling computer, which is also attached to the handlebar, so is always visible and the primary functions are: current speed, max speed, average speed, single trip distance, overall distance covered, battery life remaining. Your innovative display acts as a built-in personal trainer, pushing you to be your best on every ride.

Built in Mudguards - The Avaris 3.6 now has the option to come with built in Aluminium Fender mudguards. These stylish and durable aluminium mudguards are ideal for commuters, or more adventurous road bikers. Mudguards can be hugely beneficial in rainy and muddy conditions, meaning you can arrive at your destination in a much better condition if the heavens have opened. Although most mudguards often don’t look great, these mudguards are modern and elegant, actually adding to the look and feel of the bike; as well as saving yourself and your bike from getting drenched and caked in mud.

High Spec Components - This Avaris E Road bike has high spec Shimano components built in, whilst offering a wide range range of gears for effortless shifting and high-performance. If you want to enjoy a leisurely commute, a relaxed weekend ride, or you are new to cycling and are looking to build up slowly, this E bike is perfect for you. At the same time, for a more challenging ride and for seasoned cyclists to enjoy more difficult terrains, higher gears will ensure you sink your teeth into the Avaris experience that you want. The bike comes installed with deep rimmed aerodynamic Kenda tyres that are built to handle even the roughest road surfaces.

Cycle App - The display connects seamlessly to Bluetooth app Key-Disp, allowing you to track your rides, benchmark your performance and enjoy a range of stats as you cycle. Key-Disp is an innovative app that when downloaded to your smartphone, will pair with your Avaris e-bike, which has the following features included: Speed Meter, Distance Meter, Bike Health & Status – Including Battery Life, Indicator, Speed & Distance Recorder, Route Data Recorder, Trend Chart of Journey, GPS Tracking and Route Planning, The ability to record and view all previous routes and rides to track progress.

Size Guide

Avaris Standover Height

eBike size chart


How is the frame size measured?

Most E-bikes are measured from the centre of the crank to the base of the seat post tube. However, some E-bike manufacturers may measure their bikes differently depending on their style. 

What is the right frame size for me?

This helpful guide will help you to find which size electric bike is best suited to you. If you would like a bit more information, don't hesitate to get in touch.





Rider Height Recommended Hybrid Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 15" 33 - 39 X-Small
5'2"" - 5'6"" 158cm - 168cm 15"-16" 38 - 44 Small
5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" 43 - 47 Medium
5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19" - 20" 48 - 52 Large
6'1" - 6'4" 185cm - 193cm 21" - 22" 53 - 57 X-Large
6'4" - 6'6" 193cm - 198cm 23" - 24" 58 - 61 XX-Large



Rider Height Recommended Women's Hybrid Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size
4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 14" X-Small
5'2"" - 5'6"" 158cm - 168cm 15" - 16" Small
5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" Medium
5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19"+ Large





Rider Height Recommended Mountain Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 14" 33 - 37 X-Small
5'2"" - 5'6"" 158cm - 168cm 15" - 16" 38 - 42 Small
5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" 43 - 47 Medium
5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19" - 20" 48 - 52 Large
6'1" - 6'4" 185cm - 193cm 21" - 22" 53 - 57 X-Large
6'4" - 6'6" 193cm - 198cm 23" - 24" 58 - 61 XX-Large



Rider Height Recommended Women's Mountain Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches) Frame Size
4'10" - 5'2" 148cm - 158cm 13" - 14" X-Small
5'2" - 5'6" 158cm - 168cm 15" - 16" Small
5'6" - 5' 10" 168cm - 178cm 17" - 18" Medium
5'10" - 6'1" 178cm - 185cm 19"+ Large





Rider Height Suggested Commuter Bike Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
4'10" - 5'0" 148cm - 152cm 47cm - 48cm XX-Small
5'0" - 5'3" 152cm - 160cm 49cm - 50cm X-Small
5'3" - 5'6" 160cm - 168cm 51cm - 53cm Small
5'6" - 5'9" 168cm - 175cm 54cm - 55cm Medium
5'9" - 6'0" 175cm - 183cm 56cm - 58cm Large
6'0" - 6'3" 183cm - 191cm 58cm - 60cm X-Large
6'3" - 6'6" 191cm - 198cm 61cm - 63cm XX-Large



Rider Height Suggested Women's Commuter Frame Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (cm) Frame Size
4'10" - 5'1" 147cm - 155cm 44cm - 46cm XX-Small
5'1" - 5'3" 155cm - 160cm 47cm - 49cm X-Small
5'3" - 5'5" 160cm - 165cm 50cm - 52cm Small
5'5" - 5'8" 165cm - 172cm 53cm - 55cm Medium
5'8" - 5'10" 172cm - 180cm 56cm - 57cm Large



Powerful Motor

The Bafang 250W motor provides plenty of power off the mark, allowing you to accelerate quickly and effortlessly. Whether you're tackling steep inclines or navigating through busy city streets, the motor delivers a smooth and responsive ride, ensuring you have the necessary power to conquer any terrain with confidence.

Large Range

With the 10.4Ah Samsung battery, you could receive 60-80km of assistance on a single charge, allowing you to embark on longer rides and explore new horizons without worrying about running out of power. Whether you're commuting to work, going on a leisurely countryside ride, or seeking thrilling adventures, the generous battery capacity ensures that you have the necessary range to reach your destination.

Sync with a mobile app

The display connects seamlessly to the Bluetooth app Key-Disp, allowing you to track your rides, benchmark your performance, and enjoy a range of stats as you cycle. With the Key-Disp app, your eBike becomes a powerful tool for monitoring your progress and enhancing your cycling experience.

Improved Display

The new improved Avaris display is bigger than the previous display at 3.5 inches, providing a clear and vibrant interface for easy visibility and readability while riding. The screen's updated interface enhances user-friendliness, making it even easier to navigate through various functions and settings.

Shimano 16 Speed Gears

The Avaris 3.6 Road eBike boasts an upgraded Shimano gearing system, now equipped with 16 gears to cater to a wide range of riding preferences and terrains. Whether you're tackling steep climbs or cruising along flat roads, the expanded gear range allows you to find the perfect cadence for optimal efficiency and comfort.


The Avaris 3.6 now offers the option of built-in Aluminium Fender mudguards, adding both style and functionality to your riding experience. Crafted from high-quality aluminium, these mudguards provide reliable protection against splashes and debris, keeping you and your eBike clean and dry, whether you're commuting to work or embarking on adventurous road rides.


Battery and Range
10.4Ah Samsung cells 36v (60-80km) ** Range according to battery capacity. It is also dependent on the different riding conditions - terrain, rider weight, tyre pressure, headwind etc.
250W Bafang 36v brushless rear motor
Colour LCD with 9 levels of pedal assist
Frame Size
S - 52cm, M - 54cm, L - 57cm, XL - 60cm
Shimano 16 Speed / Brake and shifter together
Tektro Aries Mechanical disc brake, 160 disc plate
1/2"*3/32"*34*50T*170L, alloy black crank with cover
Front hub/Spoke
Alloy disc brake hub, with QR, black Front Spoke HC 304L spoke with 13MM bass nut
Kenda 700c 60TPI road tyre
Max Speed
25kph / 15.5mph
19kg inc. battery
Cancelling your order: If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us immediately at info@ecobikecompany.com or on 0333 050 3189. Please include your order number when contacting us. If your order has not yet left the manufacturer's warehouse, we should be able to stop it shipping, and issue you a refund immediately. Please note –  when returning a product, it must be returned in ‘as new’ condition, with all components included, in their original packaging. There will be a charge for the return. Returns - Changed your mind If you change your mind after buying from us and want a refund, you have up to 14 days to let us know and have the goods returned to us. You will need to return the product to us before we can provide a refund. Eco Bike Co. can help arrange the return for a charge of £50 - a courier will be sent to pick it up from you & return it to the manufacturer.   Please note –  the 14 days return period is to allow you to examine the goods as you would in a shop. To obtain a full refund, the goods must be returned in an “as new” condition with all components included in their original packaging. “As new” condition is defined as unridden. Returns - Damages & Faulty We ask that you thoroughly inspect all items at the point of delivery. We advise you not to accept delivery of any damaged items. If you discover that an item has been damaged, please send clear photos of the damaged items to info@ecobikecompany.com so that we can open an insurance claim on your behalf. If your bike develops a fault through normal use (as outlined in the manufacturer's manual) you could be entitled to a repair or replacement as covered with the warranty. Please send through details of the fault to info@ecobikecompany.com and we will arrange the repair or replacement with the manufacturer. Please note –  any fault caused due to misuse of the bike is not covered by this policy. Please ensure you read the manufacturer's manual in detail before using your electric bike to avoid voiding your warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Avaris 3.6 purchase

I ordered the ebike from Eco Bikes, who sent me a confirmstion of the order. I had to chase up the order as Avaris sent out the bike without any dispatch notificaction, and the bike went missing in the post for a few days. On arrival, there was some damage to the bike which Eco bikes kindly paid to have repaired. They have been very helpfull. I did opt for the pre service pack, but the bike still needed 2 visits to the local bike shop to get it set up (new derailer, replacement control unit, height adjustment of levers and new tape, and a few other things). The bike is great though. I ride it mostly without using any assistance, but it is helpful on the really steep hills to know that you have some help, and it actually encourages you to go further and take more daring routes, and also push yourself harder. I've cycled a few hundered miles on it now and have done some rides of 80km + in Wales recently without any issues battery-wise. It has done well on roads, gravel paths and canal tow paths. It is good value for money, and has been a good investment.

Graham Letford
Absolutely Superb

Great bike having reached pension age and arthritis in shoulder, out and about on road bike was becoming a struggle. This bike has transformed my life and now enjoying being back in the saddle with the comfort of having that bit of assistance when required. Great value for money and excellent service from order to delivery and after sales query

Alastair C
Great bike and well priced

I have had the bike a couple of weeks now and done two 30+ mile runs. If you switch the power off on the flat and down hills it greatly improves the range. On both runs power was showing 60% left when I had finished. I had only used the first power level even for steep hills and that was fine. The second run was around Kinlochleven which is quite hilly and steep in places and it was perfect.
When the bike arrived it had a slight problem. One of the buttons on the controlled had been damaged in transit. Customer Services at Eco bikes were fantastic. I emailed, fault acknowledged and a new part arrived two days later. Easy to fit and all sorted.
I would recommend, great bike, looks good, comfortable and great range.

Robert M
Avaris Road Bike

I have ridden over 100 miles and so far, so good. The assistance is really strong and the 5 levels of assistance can give significant jumps in assistance. No issues at all with the bike it looks fantastic and I am enjoying the freedom the bike gives me

Peter T

My first electric bike and I think it’s an absolutely fantastic bike, such a good ride. I use it to commute in London and to generally get around socially. I don’t always use the assist but when you need it, it’s a total godsent and the different levels of assist let you choose the level needed at the time. Also found the bike to be decent value compared to other similar bikes, so would definitely recommend.