With a 750W motor at their core, these electric bikes offer an incredible level of exhilaration. It's important to note that these e-bikes are intended for off-road use only on private land.

The benefits of having a 750W motor over a standard 250W motor are evident. The increased power output provides enhanced acceleration, allowing you to effortlessly conquer challenging terrains and tackle steep hills. With greater torque and speed, these electric bikes deliver an adrenaline-fuelled experience that is perfect for off-road adventures.

Among our best-selling models, we proudly present the Red Rocket X Sport. These electric bikes exemplify the performance and reliability that riders seek. The Big Game Bikes Warthog combines rugged durability with the power of a 750W motor, making it a formidable off-road companion. The Red Rocket X Sport offers an exhilarating ride with its high-powered motor and robust components. For those looking for versatility, the Big Game Bikes Impala provides a combination of power and comfort, perfect for exploring various terrains.

Remember, these 750W electric bikes are recommended for off-road use only on private land. Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding e-bike usage and prioritise the safety of yourself and others. Respect the environment and the rights of others while enjoying the thrill of off-road riding.


All these electric bikes have a motor output exceeding 250w and speed assistance exceeding 15.5mph.

The manufacturer's design and supply of these bikes are for "off road private land use" only and never intended or supplied to be used on public roads nor public land, and do not offer in any way approval services to offer these to be road legal. These e-bikes cannot be used on UK public roads without first obtaining type approval, insurance, tax, displaying a number plate and undergoing an MOT.

In the UK, only eBikes that comply with EAPC Regulations can be used on UK public roads without tax, insurance or registration. You can find out more about EAPC Regulations here: https://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules.

If you purchase one of these bikes, it can only be used off-road on private land, at the owners permission, unless you obtain type approval, insurance, tax, display a number plate and an MOT. You must contact the DVSA for further details to confirm conformity. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be responsible for obtaining such type approval, insurance, tax, registration and MOT.

Discover the unmatched power and excitement of our 750W Electric Bikes collection. Whether you choose the Big Game Bikes Warthog, Red Rocket X Sport, or Big Game Bikes Impala, you'll experience the ultimate off-road adventure. Embrace the power, conquer the trails, and enjoy the exhilaration that comes with riding a 750W electric bike.