Westhill is widely recognised and lauded as a specialist brand in the electric bikes industry. The company has made a name for itself by combining innovative builds and technology to deliver the best possible bike performance and customisation options. Each Westhill electric bike is handcrafted with love, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding craftsmanship, resulting in what many believe to be the best electric bike currently available in the UK. 

A Westhill classic electric bike slightly differs from other conventional e-bikes; instead of replacing the pedal, these e-bikes work with motors that assist pedalling depending on the power level. You have the liberty to select the power modes from the handlebar-mounted control panel, and the electric motor will kick into action as soon as you do. 

From an old lumber shed in Westhill, East Devon, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of premium electric bikes, and the Eco Bike Company is proud to be a trusted retailer of Westhill’s products. Below is a list of the categories of bikes that Westhill offers to help you make the right choice!

Westhill Venture Hybrid Electric Bike

The hybrid/eMTB equipped with Westhill’s new 65NM torque 250W engines is substantially more efficient than prior models. The new quick-release lock and load batteries are built directly into the aluminium frame. 

Additional features include:

  • Altus M2010 9 x 3 Rapidfire Shimano gears
  • Hydraulic brakes from Tektro
  • Removable inbuilt 14Ah LG battery 
  • Full display LCD
  • High torque hub motor from Bafang
  • Bright front lights
  • Sturdy kickstand 
  • The front hub is made of aluminium with a rapid release mechanism
  • Low weight 

Westhill Classic Step Through Electric Bike

These classic step through electric bikes have an inbuilt battery that ensures optimal weight distribution and balance. Westhill’s design ethos is sophisticated minimalism at its finest. With its slanted back handlebars, which provide the rider with a more upright seated position, the Westhill classic electric bike is conventional and offers the utmost comfort.

Thanks to its 65Nm torque 250w rear hub motor, you’ll be able to get from point A to point B without any strenuous effort. This e-bike is ideal for daily excursions or even leisurely rides.

Features include; 

  • Easy step-through design
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Mozo Summit Air Suspension Fork 
  • Inbuilt and detachable 14 Ah LG battery
  • Full LCD
  • High torque hub motor from Bafang 
  • Comfort saddle
  • Bright front lights 
  • Compatible with throttle 
  • Lightweight e-bike
  • Reliable Kickstand

Westhill Ranger Hybrid Crossbar Electric Bike

Westhill’s newly enhanced 65Nm torque 250W engines power their crossbar e-bikes, making this version of the westhill electric bike substantially stronger than earlier iterations. The bike weighs a little under 24kg because of the revolutionary quick-release lock & load batteries placed and hidden away in the e-bike frame and a heat-treated aluminium frame. 

Most, if not all, features in this electric bike are the same, or with slight enhancements, as the previous models. The product you choose comes down to what activity you’ll be using your electric bike for. 

Westhill Link Electric Folding Bike

This cleverly constructed foldable electric bike eliminates the tediousness of public transportation or family outings in the countryside! The company uses the word “Link” in the name of this product to showcase the many features on the component list that it remarkably shares with the rest of the company’s lineup.

The skillfully incorporated battery is concealed well inside the frame, creating an exquisite form. It powers a 250W rear hub driven motor that puts 65NM torque to the back wheel, allowing riders to lessen their consumption and have a much more comfortable ride. The handlebar-mounted LCD screen is excellent for monitoring power assistance. 

Sift through our catalogues to determine which Westhill electric bike is the right choice for you and your needs! If you’re still having doubts about Westhill, we also have some spectacular bikes from Ampere , Mirider , Emu and Ezego !