Low Step Folding Electric Bikes are the epitomes of comfort and reliability, especially for older riders and people with special needs. It’s a lightweight e-bike that can be conveniently folded and opened as needed, stored in small spaces, and carried by hand over stairs.  

Given the developments in technology, it’s no surprise that the bicycling industry has also experienced significant improvements. Those who previously had to choose between the comfort of step-through electric bikes and the convenience of folding electric bikes can now get the best of both worlds in one!  

The EcoBike Company offers a wide range of Low Step Folding Electric Bikes designed for smooth starts and long-range, pleasurable rides.  


Who Should Get a Low Step Electric Folding Bike? 

The most significant advantage of a low step folding bike is its lower frame, which allows you to mount and dismount easily and quickly by virtually stepping through the frame. This feature is particularly of great assistance if you have a restricted range of motion, e.g. older riders who cannot lift their leg as one would with a traditional bike, riders with special needs or riders healing from an injury. 

Low steps are also a great option if you’re delivering parcels in an area and need to hop off the bike multiple times in a short time. These e-bikes have optimised weight distribution, giving them exceptionally balanced agility.

Lastly, you would not want to mess up your formal attire by riding to work on a step over the bike! A low step folding e-bike allows you to wear your suit or skirt and ride off without breaking a sweat and fold your bike to keep with you in your office! 

Electric bikes help you glide through heavy traffic and assist in pedalling on long commutes while retaining all the health benefits of pedalling on a traditional bicycle. Whether you want to commute to work or go for a leisure ride, our low-step bikes are your perfect companions.

Misconceptions About Low Step Folding Electric Bike Speed 

 It was initially believed that low step bikes were underpowered and did not provide as much speed as track cyclists would require, but the electric bike market has come a long way since then; the low step folding bikes are now just as fast as their counterparts. Depending on the e-bike you choose, you can go up to speeds of 30 mph, which is great for someone who cannot afford a car because you’re getting a powerful machine without breaking the bank or waiting in lines to fill up the fuel tank! 

Be sure to check our website for the full range of Low Step Folding Bikes, the latest addition to our commuter lineup, and you will undoubtedly find a bike that fulfils your speed requirements.

However, If you’re not a part of the urban biker group who commute on well-paved infrastructures and want a mixed terrain option, check out our range of electric mountain bikes that will help you ascend skyward with immense power and speed.