Why Choose EMU Electric Bikes?

Over the years, EMU has been one of the leading electric bike manufacturers in the UK because of its build quality and range of options. When you buy an electric bike from EMU, you can be assured of getting premium quality cycles that are equipped with - 

  • Tektro brakes; 
  • Shimano or Enviolo gears; 
  • Smart. in-frame Samsung batteries;
  • Puncture-resistant tires, etc. 

Eco Bike Company gives you a platform where you can explore all the top-selling products from the manufacturer, along with other accessories that you can gear up while riding. Let’s walk you through some of them -

EMU Classic 

The stunning EMU classic step-through electric bike is ideal for daily commuting, leisure biking, or cycling for exercise. The bike has a long battery life, extending your range while providing quick pedalling, quality braking mechanisms, and durability.

A step-through electric bike is available with two battery options. The first is a 10.4Ah improved battery with up to 80km of range, and the second is a 14.5Ah battery with a range of 100km.

Other notable features include:

  • LCD Display
  • A smart battery indicator 
  • Odometer
  • Speed display
  • Five-settings power assist control 

EMU Roam 

The Emu Roam Step-Through Electric Bike is a perfect choice for riders who wish to have a bike with high-tech specs, an impressive build, and a sleek design without breaking your bank. It offers a smooth ride on most surfaces and is ideal for commuting to work or school. The bike is available with either a 10.4Ah battery with a range of 45 miles or a 14Ah battery with a range of 55 miles—all on a single charge!


EMU EVO Crossbar electric bike is the newest addition to the Emu electric bike company’s product line. These bikes are a steal because they combine sleek design with high-quality and lightweight parts.

EVO Crossbar Electric Bikes use Samsung batteries that are integrated into the frame. The bike weighs only a little more than 18 kilos, and thanks to the rear hub motor controlled by the LCD, you’ll be cruising through cities and the countryside like never before.

You can find all the above models in the crossbar and step through variants on Eco Bike Co. website. Scroll through our website to find an electric bike that resonates with your personality.