Electric Bikes By Ampere

Ampere has been at the forefront of bringing about change in the Electric Bike segment in the United Kingdom. Eco bike Co. allows you to explore some of the best electric bikes by Ampere by providing riders with a wide range of options in step-through, crossbar, folding, and mountain bikes. Let’s walk through each of them in detail.

Ampere Deluxe Step-Through Electric Bike

Amperes’ step-through electric bike collection artistically blends tradition and innovation with a battery-powered, lightweight frame and a sleek body. Here are some of the highlights of the bike:

  • A 250W 65nm motor that makes hill climbing effortless
  • Impressive battery range of up to 55 miles per charge 
  • Frame sizes that are suitable for more petite riders

Ampere Hilux Crossbar Electric Bike

This crossbar e-bike is the perfect mix of innovation and cutting-edge design. It has a robust frame, yet you’ll hardly need to exert too much effort because it’s incredibly lightweight. Its features make it the perfect riding companion for city cyclists and outdoor riders!

  • 65 nm torque that makes trips faster, lighter, and more manageable
  • Range of 40 to 55 miles on a 13Ah battery
  • A quick-release mechanism that makes charging easy
  • Fully specced out with Shimano gears, a sleek Zoom Suspension, and an LCD display

Ampere Mode Folding Electric Bike

The Ampere folding electric bikes are some of the best in the game; the perfect amalgamation of premium quality, groundbreaking innovation, and chic design. 

  • Impressively lightweight 13” folding frame weighing only 21 kilos 
  • Zoom Suspension forks and a high-quality saddle offer a comfortable ride. 
  • 40 miles of travel in a single charge 
  • Equipped with an LCD and charging point
  • Walk-assist features 

Ampere Explorer Electric Mountain Bike

Ampere Electric Mountain Bikes are one of the most reliable electric bikes for adventurers. When you hit the trails with this compact specimen, mountain paths and country trails will have nothing on you. Some of the features include - 

  • A sturdy 18” frame while remaining as light as 20 kilos
  • A strong throttle that makes an uphill climb a breeze.
  • Impressive 75 miles for every charge while only needing 6 hours to charge fully
  • Equipped with an LCD, which is upgradeable

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Given all of the cutting-edge technology and style of Ampere electric bikes, one might mistake Ampere for an expensive brand of electric bikes. However, in reality, the Ampere electric bike price is reasonable enough not to break the bank.

Browse all Ampere products on our website, and we’re confident you’ll find the ideal fit in no time!