One thing we love about cycling is it is for everyone.

Young or old, male or female, fit or unfit: our beloved sport is widely accessible - and even more so when you opt to use an electric bike.

It won’t come as a huge surprise that the majority of bikes (e-bikes included) that you see on the road today are suitable for all cycling styles, and crucially, genders.

However, if you’ve already had a browse of our online electric bike store, you will see that we have a specific section for women’s e-bikes - as well as a section for men too.

On these pages you’ll find a wide variety of bikes, from foldable e-bikes to premium off-road mountain bikes as well as classic road cruisers. What groups them together is that they are adapted to be slightly better suited for female riders.

You might look at the photos, and wonder “what’s the difference between women’s and men’s bikes?” Sometimes the differences are subtle, and we’ll look at them more closely in this blog.

A “woman’s bike” is any bike that fits her

First and foremost, this is a principal we stand by at Eco Bike Co.

Many female cyclists, including members of our team, find that “men’s” - or perhaps better labelled as “unisex” - bikes suit them just fine, even better than women-specific models.

If you get a chance to give a bike a test ride, that’s always going to be beneficial. Failing that, speak to an expert.

We have a really experienced team of e-bike experts on hand at Eco Bike Co. to support you with choosing the perfect electric bike for your cycling needs and physique. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch by either phone, email, or live chat.

Differences between men’s and women’s bikes

Once upon a time, women’s bikes might simply have differed from men’s aesthetically. Thankfully, those days are behind us, and women’s bikes are designed simply to provide a better fitting ride.

The fundamental difference between men’s and women’s bikes tends to be the size of the frame. Now, this doesn’t mean a women’s bike is simply a smaller version of the men’s bike. No, there is more precision to it than that.

To suit the average woman’s build, you will often see that a women’s bike has a shorter stack height. Note: the stack is the distance from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube.

You will also notice a shorter reach length (the horizontal distance from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube) and quite possibly narrower handlebars as, typically, women have narrower shoulders than men.

Saddles may well be different between men’s and women’s bikes. In general, women’s saddles tend to be shorter and wider. That said, saddles are very much interchangeable and it comes down entirely to personal preference.

What about step through bikes?

A step through bike has previously been considered a women’s bike. This classic bike design features a downwards-sloping top tube and was built as such to accommodate the long skirts generally worn by women riders.

You’ll still see step through bikes today - for example on our website - but the design choice is an aesthetic one, rather than to provide a practical solution for long-skirt-wearing riders!

Indeed, you’ll see many male cyclists using step through bikes too, simply because of the appeal of the design. Curved elements on bikes are becoming increasingly popular - keep an eye out for them in the coming year

Choosing the right e-bike for you

When choosing the right e-bike for you, it’s not just a questions of whether it has been designated for men, or for women.

No, there’s a lot more to it than that.

The electric bikes you’ll find on our website are highly versatile and varied. Different frame styles, motors and batteries can be found across a broad selection of our e-bikes.

When talking to new customers, we often suggest they ask themselves these three questions:

  • Am I principally planning to use my electric bike on roads?
  • How is my fitness? What sort of power assist is appropriate?
  • Would a particular frame style e.g. “step through” be most practical?

For many of our customers, portability is also an important factor. Our wide range of foldable electric bikes are very popular with commuters as well as those with a little less storage space at home.

For some, style comes first. And we’ve got plenty to offer in that department. Check out our entire range of UK-manufactured electric bikes here.

Get the advice and insight you need

When buying a new bike, advice is always useful.

When buying a new electric bike, you should definitely be looking to discuss your potential choice with an expert.

There are a number of variables to consider and there’s no denying, e-bikes are advanced pieces of technology - you wouldn’t buy a new computer, television, or household applaince without duing some due diligence.

At Eco Bike Co. we massively pride ourselves in delivering the highest standards of customer service, both pre- and post-purchase. Our team are electric bike experts and cycling enthusiast. They’re also really friendly - just check out our reviews!

If you’re considering buying an e-bike and wondering what might be the best choice for you, and whether you should be looking at women’s frame, why not get in touch today.

Happy riding!

December 01, 2022